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Lean Lent – families could make 40 days of cash savings

Former Bristol pub landord disqualified

Meat, beer and cigarettes are some of the addictive products Brits can make a tidy saving on if they ditch them for Lent.


That’s according to the money saving team at Promotionalcodes.org.uk who have compiled just how much money the public stand to save if they successfully ditch their cravings for 40 days and 40 nights.


Those who will be cutting out meat, takeaways and caffeine will stand to save the most amount of money, providing they can keep their bad habits at bay.


Families looking to go veggie for Lent will most likely see the biggest savings, as cutting meat and fish out of a weekly shop could see consumers save as much £353 across the six weeks.


Dry January may have already seen many avid pub-goers cut alcohol out of their diets, but if they and many more people stick with it throughout Lent then they could save as much £157.


People looking to kick their caffeine addictions in the run up to Easter can also expect to make a hefty saving, as cutting out an early morning café bought coffee could see consumers save £92.


Resisting the urge to order a pizza instead of cooking dinner is another simple measure that rewards money savers, who can expect an average saving of £78 if they cut out takeaway meals.


Smartphones may be extremely tricky to give up for Lent, but if people can cut down on their time spent of them they could be in for some serious savings.


An estimated 40% of online shopping is now purchased from a smartphone, and by resisting the online Easter sales shopaholic’s can expect to save an average of £63.


Cutting out some of your smaller purchases looks likely to provide you with some extra cash too.


Resisting the temptation to buy a packet of sweets each day throughout Lent could see you have up to £40.


And skipping a can of cola could see you make savings as high as £27, whilst saying no to your daily chocolate bar could put an extra £26 in your pocket.


Among the other consumer goods that can be packed in include fast foods, ice cream, cheese and cigarettes.


Darren Williams from Promotionalcodes.org.uk said “Usually Lent is about sacrificing something that you love, and often people tend to give up products that are unhealthy for them.

“However, there could also be serious benefits to your wallet as well as your health when it comes to cutting out your cravings for Lent.


“Britain has a major binge culture, and if people are able to cut out just one of the products that they love to indulge in the savings could be enormous.


“Although some savings only appear small in comparison, they all add up over time.”





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