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Does Neil Patel’s Agency Actually Provide Value? A Complete Review

Neil Patel is a leading digital marketer who attracts a lot of attention. And when someone quickly rises the ranks in the marketing sector, people are scrutinous.

Patel began learning marketing at the age of 16 years old. It was 2001, and he paid a marketing firm to help him with his website. It failed. So he spent time learning the ins and outs of digital marketing on his own and eventually applied what he learned to turn several companies, including his own Crazy Egg and Ubersuggest, into some of the best known software companies in digital marketing.

Along the way, Patel also became a New York Times best-selling author. President Obama recognized him as one of the 100 top entrepreneurs under 30 years old, and the United Nations named Neil Patel one of the 100 top entrepreneurs under 35 years old. He has accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time.

Following years of turning away prospective clients who contacted him via his personal blog, Patel finally launched a marketing agency in 2017, and since then, Neil Patel Digital (NP Digital) has grown extremely rapidly. After two short years, he now maintains six offices, employs 116 team members, and millions blog readers each month.

Who Does He Work With, and What Services Are Available?

Neil Patel’s specialty is marketing for large corporations. This usually means over $100 million a year and Fortune 1000 status.

Many smaller companies have discovered that the agency will refer them to other digital marketing service providers, but Neil Patel Digital does occasionally work with smaller companies. They will refer out if they cannot meet the needs of the client, or if the client is unable to commit to a year-long contract.

Some of the most familiar companies work with Neil Patel. Google, Gawker, Expedia, and Facebook are among his connections. These heavy hitters wouldn’t seek out Patel’s services if his team didn’t know its stuff.

Neil Patel Digital has six offices spread out in the US. San Diego is where the company began and is home base. Utah and Chicago came on board a short time later. NP Digital also has international clientele. This means they have international offices so that local marketers can work with the local businesses.

Neil Patel loves to focus on his strengths. The services he provides are reflective of his skill set. SEO is tops, because that’s where his education started.

Paid advertising (PPC) is his second strongest forte. PPC is a high in-demand service, and it pays to be an expert in this field. Social media and content marketing are also available.

If you want to do it yourself, you can opt for consulting. He will consult on strategy and funnel development. Email marketing and lead capture round out NP Digital’s skills.

Does He Operate with the Specific Client in Mind?

Being able to work with your client in mind is the most valuable behavior that any digital marketer can engage with. Patel’s team, whom he personally trains, tailors all the work to what is likely to help the client most.

Some marketers have damaged the reputation of digital marketing, using one set of tactics for that they every single client. Neil Patel knows every client is different and has to have a different strategy.

The only model he has created is the contract terms. He requires at least a one-year contract with a monthly retainer. How much that will be, is discussed in the agreement. Remember, the onboarding process will allow you to negotiate the plan. It will include all fees so that you know how much you need to spend.

No proposal follows a specific model that every client receives. He and the team sit and work on bespoke strategies to fit the needs of each client and its target market. They provide everything in detail so that you are comfortable with the agreement. No payment is ever required until all the necessary papers have a signature.

It does no one any good to force each client to follow the same marketing plan. When a client does well, they will likely stick around for longer, and they’re also more likely to refer others to the agency. It’s a win-win situation for both the client and agency. Neil Patel Digital builds a reputation for solid results and customer service. The client talks about how well the agency works, and more people request help.

How Involved is Patel in Account Management?

Some people choose to believe top digital marketers no longer work in the business. When it comes to Neil Patel, we know he has his hands in every client.

He works on strategy for each client, which has been his forte all along. A client may not get a chance to meet Neil Patel directly, but he will leave a mark on each plan. It is one of the reasons why his agency does so well. He knows what it is like to work at the employee level and he taps into it every day.

He still works hard at keeping his business going, but he won’t forget how hard his employees work. To see someone work at that level, it means they focus on the service and will grow a healthy business.

The Bottom Line

Neil Patel Digital is an excellent agency to work with. You don’t pay for anything you don’t want in the contract. You get personalized work that will get you results in a timely fashion. You will be treated as a business.

The team will get to know your mission and what you stand for – even if you are a small business who gets referred to someone else, who is pre-vetted to provide quality service.

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