Online play in 2020


The digital gaming sector operating on the online casino market is experiencing an important season, especially with regards to attractions such as roulette, online slots, baccarat and blackjack. In fact, there is a turnaround in regards to the public who until recently had always chosen poker over other digital casino games. To run for cover on the online poker side, we are thinking of creating a sort of snap poker, a fast and suitable game to be practiced by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The offer of online gaming therefore shifts according to the expectations and criteria of choice of the public and the critical mass of active users, just as it happens with regard to the reality of the latest generation consoles. It is in fact a very active market that periodically changes its skin, meeting the needs of its users. Let’s think for example of the current percentage of users who play online directly from a mobile device, which represents about 70% of the players.

The market moves according to the needs of online gaming users

The gaming sector market has changed dramatically over the past few years, as regards the online casino, gaming and gaming sector today. Precisely for this reason the console manufacturers have thought well to differentiate their offer, first with hybrid solutions and products, remember the case of the Nintendo Switch, which is having a certain importance in terms of sales and statistics, as well as the latest models of Xbox and Playstation, which while remaining tied to the idea of ​​a standard let’s say console, have also decided to focus on innovation and on an increasingly sophisticated and performing level of gameplay, according to at least the specialized blogs and feeds released by users who tried them and decided to buy them.

On the news front regarding the gaming and gambling markets, there is a lot of turmoil for this 2020 and so it will be even after the summer, following the trend of the moment. To return to the Sony question, we therefore have to wait for the usual official communications, even if a particularly hot summer full of scoops and information regarding the consoles, the main features and the games that will run on the new Playstation 5 is shaping up. Waiting for the prompt response from Microsoft and Nintendo will not be long in coming. Game lovers will therefore have to wait a few more weeks to find out the latest news on a sector that will undoubtedly experience an autumn full of hype and news, for video games as well as for all digital casino games.

There are big news regarding the technological topic to talk about, during this early 2020. Video gaming, online gaming and above all the digital casino sector mark a further growth in terms of active users and market share compared to the same period of 2019 and 2018. Among the topics considered trend topic of the moment, we can see how online gaming is among those capable of intriguing and attracting the whole world of technology enthusiasts, geeks and gamblers.

The online gaming situation for 2020

Today for online games we often mean in addition to the gaming sector, also that of gambling. Among the most widespread and practiced games within the offer of digital casinos like NetBet casino online, we certainly find the online slot machine that has conquered an important place, among the attractions of the virtual gambling halls, like classics such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack, a game that in recent times has almost replaced online poker, in terms of active users who practice it. There are at this moment several communities where we discuss which are the best games and which will have a longer life, both as regards gaming, but also for what is the world of online gambling today.


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