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    Exciting Things to Do in San Francisco as a Solo Travel

    San Francisco, home of the breath-taking Golden Gate Bridge. It is widely considered as the cultural, financial, and commercial heart of Northern California. Many different cultures from all over the world call this beloved city their home. You can expect a lot of exciting things to do and places to visit in San Francisco. If you feel like solo traveling and experiencing all if not most of the things the city has to offer, then this article will help you.

    1.  Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

    This is a no brainer and is first on this list for a reason. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the modern wonders of the world and holds the record of the most photographed bridge in the entire planet. You have not really visited San Francisco if you have not crossed the Golden Gate Bridge at least once.

    2.          Chill at the Golden Gate Park

    With all that walking around and traveling as a solo traveller, you are bound to be exhausted. The Golden Gate Park is a great place to just unwind and take in a beautiful green scenery. It is one of San Francisco’s most picturesque places so be sure to have that camera charged and enjoy taking pictures of the various lakes, gardens, and the wildlife that wander around them

    3.          Visit Golden Gate Bridge Restaurants

    After you visit the Golden Gate Bridge, you can grab a meal or two at the various restaurants located in the area. Below is just a small list of them.

    • Farley Bar – a local favourite bar, it features a small plate menu and several creative cocktails. The venue is very relaxing with fireplaces and leather-bound chairs.
    • ALX by Alexander’s Steakhouse – Awesome steaks, friendly and accommodating service, a cosy venue with a great view of Folsom outside, you cannot ask for a better steakhouse than this.
    • Scoma’s of Sausalito – great atmosphere, amazing seafood menu, and San Francisco as the backdrop it is a great dining experience. If you are craving for some tasty seafood, I recommend visiting this place.

    Tips for International Travelers Looking to Visit San Francisco

    Visiting the U.S as an international traveller can be a very tricky and sometimes stressful experience if you do not have the necessary information ready and available. This section will outline the information you need and some pointers as well to make your trip as smooth as possible, like planning your transportation, when to visit, and finding an apartment in San Francisco, California for your lodging. 

    Do you need a car in San Francisco to visit?

    No, you do not need a car to visit San Francisco the complete opposite is advised. This is because parking in San Francisco is extremely expensive and having a car would just add to the costs of the trip. It is better to utilize the public transport services of the city such as the cable cars which the city is also famous for

    Which is the best month to visit San Francisco?

    The best time to visit San Francisco would be from September to November. Surprisingly, the city’s warmest temperature is in Fall. On top of this, there will be fewer tourists around compared to Summer. Another good time to visit the city is during Springtime because of the lack of rainfall compared to other parts of California.

    Learn what ESTA is about

    If you’re a citizen of one of the 39 countries that qualify for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and don’t have a visitor’s visa on hand, you might want to take the esta online application. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is pretty much a mandatory test to see if you can visit the United States. Read information online before your trip to learn more about the VWP and ESTA.

    The ESTA form will ask for your personal information such as date of birth, age, full name, etc. Answer truthfully as this can be the catalyst on whether you can visit the U.S or not. Do be aware that to be eligible for this service, you are required to have an e-Passport available.

    As a solo traveller, your safety will always be on top of your mind. San Francisco is a huge place with many diverse neighbourhoods. Is san francisco safe, It is not the safest city, but you can take precautions to be as safe as possible. Another great reason not to bring a car to San Francisco is the fairly high cases of car break-ins. Sticking to tourist areas and attractions instead of walking off to sketchy areas can be a good way to stay safe. Although, you do not have to strictly stay in these areas. Just always be mindful of where you are as it is very easy to get lost in huge crowds and bright lights.  Areas such as the Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown are known to have a very low crime rate.


    Overall, San Francisco is a great place to visit, at least once. The city is chock full of history, culture, and delicious food. There are some areas where it is not ideal for a tourist to stroll around but overall San Francisco is not dangerous to visit, even as a solo traveller.

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