Two-letter Domain Prices Surge


The domain name industry continues to enjoy massive growth in all sectors and while the .com bubble is showing no signs of bursting, attention has also been focusing on two-letter domain names. Two-letter domain names have been increasing in popularity over the past few years and as such, prices have been soaring. Two-letter .com domain names have seen the biggest growth, however close behind are other top-level and second-level domains such as .uk, .bet, .org, etc.

Many website owners are realising the importance of acquiring an instantly recognisable and short domain name. This sort of web address catches the attention and is increasingly being seen as an asset to any company, however where relevant to the website content it can also be a massive aid to SEO (search engine optimisation). This has helped boost the prices of two-letter domain names to the point that website owners are acquiring these web addresses as an investment.

Leading domain trader have for sale a massive selection of two-letter domain names. Indeed, this operator is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of domain names with their extensive catalogue containing domain names covering most industries, from entertainment and recruitment to manufacturing, travel and tourism. Their selection of two-letter domain names is second-to-none and if they don’t have your perfect two-letter domain in stock, the likelihood is that they can find it for you.

It cannot be overstated just how important the domain name of your website is and you can increase your traffic substantially with a two-letter domain name, provided of course that is relevant to your website business model. The importance of this hasn’t been lost on many website owners and as such, demand has increased substantially.

In all, there are 676 different combinations of two-letter domain names for each domain extension ie: .com,, .uk, .bet etc, however many of these are owned by large corporations with many being sold privately. As such, availability becomes scarcer and this is reflected in the rising prices, especially in the .com sector. Nevertheless, there are still many options available and while you may need to do a little research of your own in order to find your perfect two-letter domain name, the best approach is undoubtedly to visit one of the many traders such as

At you will find a comprehensive listing of two-letter domain names and with sales being brisk, they are constantly updating their stock. Once you have chosen your ideal domain name, will guide you through the process of attaching it to your website should you need help in doing this. This is a fairly straightforward process but it is always a good idea to have an industry professional guide you safely past the many pitfalls that can catch-out the unwary from time-to-time.


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