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    code2GOD Is Poised To Set a New NFT Market Segment: The Believers

    Nonprofit code2GOD with their $430 millition art can increase the NFT market by adding a strong segment of believers in God. Yet, they are looking for the platforms Zora, Super Rare, OpenSea, MakersPlace, FTX, Rarible, Foundation, Niftys and Mintable, for help.


    Like us, most people have just become aware of the NFT world only in the last few months. Like us, most just read about it and do not own an NFT. We don’t understand paying $100 for a cartoon jpeg and it’s beyond our grasp that anyone would pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to own a jpeg image of an ape when they can enjoy it for free. They bought it because they think others will pay for it even more later. Inconceivable for most of us, practical people. 

    New NFT Market Segment: Trusted Religious NFT

    However, when we heard that the Jesus 153 Fish Mystery has been decided and that the Vatican is looking to amend its Bible footnotes based on code2GOD findings, we really wanted to know which museum will display the art. We are willing to drive or fly to see it, to be in the presence of Jesus’ revelation. We love the fact that the non-profit organization code2GOD refused to sell it but we will be willing to display it in the Vatican or the Louvre Paris. While we will not fly to see the Mona Lisa, we will fly to witness the miracle of the discovery of the art Jesus 153 Fish Mystery which local churches around the country have started to talk about in their congregations. 

    The Vatican Is Expected To Correct Their Site Based on code2GOD New Findings

    The current Vatican Bible page of John 21:11 has a footnote (5) which reads: 5 [11] The exact number 153 is probably meant to have a symbolic meaning in relation to the apostlesuniversal mission; Jerome claims that Greek zoologists cataloged 153 species of fish. Or 153 is the sum of the numbers from 1 to 17. Others invoke Ezekiel 47:10.

    Since the above is no longer valid in light of code2GOD’s new research, the art, or its NFTs, are expected to increase in value. 

    code2GOD Seems Lost About NFT

    We approached Anna Juravin, a volunteer in code2GOD, and asked how and when the NFT will be available. Mrs. Juravin responded that the nonprofit is looking for guidance from the NFT platforms and a NFT professional to lead the project. The nonprofit board led by Richard Arrighi, Don Juravin and Johnny Raza, seem to be stuck on the logistics of the NFT offering and they are looking for a volunteer and a believer to help them.

    Which NFT Platform Will Be Chosen For The The Jesus 153 Fish Mystery?

    Anna Juravin told us that she plans to approach Zora, Super Rare, OpenSea, MakersPlace, FTX, Rarible, Foundation, Nifty and Mintable. “I know nothing about NFT so let’s see which one of these platforms will help our nonprofit and in return, the platform will gain God’s believers.” 

    code2GOD NFT Offers Utilities & Deductible Donation

    Four services are offered with each NFT:

    1. Bible-Studies of the original Bible conducted by Holy Land Man from Jerusalem
    2. MaxMyLife meetings with Don Juravin
    3. 33% donation to local church
    4. 335 donation to local animal-loving organization

    Buyers of the NFT will be receiving a nonprofit receipt to be used as a tax deduction. 


    Churches Expected To Benefit From code2GOD NFT

    According to the nonprofit plan, churches will receive 33% of the net proceeds. That is, the buyer of the NFT will specify his/her local church and code2GOD will trasfer 33% of the proceeds to that church.

    Code2god Refused A $400 Million Offer For Its Jesus Masterpiece

    According to the British NewsAnyways: “code2GOD Declines a $400 Million Offer To Buy Jesus 153 Fish Mystery. Recently it was reported that code2GOD, a nonprofit organization from Florida and Jerusalem, declined a $400 million cash offer from a European entity. It’s estimated that either there is a better offer in the pipe or the Vatican already bought it. Regardless, the Pope is expected to announce a change to the Vatican Bible interpretation of John 21:11 based on code2GOD’s findings. The art is then expected to be worth more than $600 million and it’s NFT will skyrocket as well.”

    About The Art: JESUS 153 FISH MYSTERY

    It’s probably the most significant Biblical revelation which can be compared to the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls, the oldest authentic original Bible parchments. It’s an art piece that reveals the decoding of Jesus’ messaging to humanity. As if Jesus knew that we will our doubts and debate if Jesus was God or the son of God. 

    The art is called “JESUS 153 FISH MYSTERY” and is magnificent to look at, even more than the Mona Lisa. It’s owned by a nonprofit charity called code2GOD and the “decoder” and artist is Don Juravin. The “Jesus Art” is amazing and we found ourselves looking and debating it across three continents, in 6 countries, for almost 9 hours (not straight). A separate article will be written about it. 

    There is much “hidden anticipation” among the leading religious Christian leaders about the art called JESUS 153 FISH MYSTERY which hashas decoded and solved the mystery in John 21:11. According to sources, code2GOD respectfully informed the Vatican of its findings, though code2GOD is a scientific nonreligion organization and doesn’t seek any religious approval. 

    code2GOD Jesus Art Brings Us Closer to Understand Jesus And God

    The JESUS 153 FISH MYSTERY art is undoubtedly answering multiple questions regarding Jesus which has had the Christian world puzzled for almost 2,000 years. The Vatican, as a leader in the Christian world, is now even closer to the biggest question of them all: Was Jesus God, the son of God, or simply a good Biblical scholar who was very well versed in the original Bible in Hebrew?

    Did The Vatican Bless the NFT Jesus 153 Fish Mystery?

    The two sources close to the Pope made a remark that the art by code2GOD is “substantial”, “arte bella” and one that “Christians should have” which can mean the Vatican showed own, display or Christians should have at home. 

    Europen reporters, I discussed it with believe that it means “it has our blessing” or “the Vatican likes or approved it.”  

    The Vatican Press  The Louvre Paris

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