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Achema 2024: Sensitively Pumping Highly Viscous Media in an Industrial Context

Lutz Pumpen’s new wobble plate pump enables the delicate handling of up to 30,000 litres of highly viscous liquids per hour.

Wertheim, 4th June 2024 – From varnish and sealants to lubricants, industrial users pumping large quantities of highly viscous media risk altering the quality and integrity of these liquids. Lutz Pumpen has addressed this issue with its new TR series wobble plate pumps, which can delicately handle up to 30,000 litres of highly viscous liquids per hour. This innovation will be showcased at Achema 2024 (hall 8, stand K86), the premier trade fair for the process industry, held in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 June 2024.

The TR series wobble plate pumps utilize a proven principle: a spherical pump housing contains a wobble plate angled on a shaft. The shaft’s rotation causes the plate to wobble, changing the volume of two chambers on both sides, creating alternating positive and negative pressure to draw in and expel liquids. This efficient principle works well with highly viscous liquids such as oils, lubricants, varnish, sealants, and silicones.

“The new TR series wobble plate pumps from Lutz Pumpen offer a high-performance solution for industrial applications where high flow rates and high viscosity are challenging,” says Heinz Lutz, Managing Director at Lutz Holding. “These pumps can handle up to 30,000 litres of thick or viscous liquids and media containing solids with a viscosity of up to 1,000,000 millipascal seconds and temperatures up to 205 °C.” Made of robust stainless steel, the new wobble plate pumps are suitable for various industries, including paint and coatings, sealants and adhesives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil, and food.

Maintaining the Quality and Integrity of Pumped Media at High Flow Rates

The TR series is notable for its gentle handling of sensitive products. “Many industrial companies find that even expensive systems negatively impact the quality and integrity of high-viscosity media when pumped at high flow rates,” says a representative. To combat this, the design of these pumps focuses on gentle product handling. “The special design of the wobble plate pumps ensures a continuous and nearly pulsation-free flow, subjected to minimal shear forces, avoiding any crushing. Their compact design reduces contact time between the medium and the pump, preserving the quality and integrity of the pumped media.” This was demonstrated in various applications, including a company producing shampoos with integrated air bubbles, where conventional pump systems would have caused the tiny bubbles to combine into larger ones. “With the TR series pumps, the original product properties are maintained.”

Fast Maintenance is Crucial Amid Skills Shortages

The TR series not only excels in performance and gentle product handling but also integrates easily into existing process setups. With lengths ranging from 316 to 440 mm, users can mount them horizontally or vertically. The pump head can rotate in 90-degree increments to fit existing pipework. The series offers various mounting systems such as flange, milk pipe, TriClamp, and Camlock. “We ensured that the TR series wobble plate pumps are low maintenance and easy to clean, even after connection to pipework. This is crucial for many companies, especially during skills shortages,” says Andreas Rössler, Sales Manager at Lutz Pumpen. “Dismantling the pump head allows for cleaning and maintenance, like replacing the wobble plate or shaft seal, in just ten minutes, enhancing availability and productivity.”

The TR series wobble plate pumps come in three versions: The TR015, an entry-level model with a 3 kW motor, 10 bar pumping pressure, and a flow rate of 6,000 litres per hour. The TR030 has a 5.5 kW motor, a flow rate of up to 12,000 litres per hour, and a pressure of 15 bar. The TR080, the largest model, delivers up to 30,000 litres per hour with a 7.5 kW motor at a pressure of 15 bar. Lutz Pumpen also offers specialized wobble plates for specific industry needs, such as FDA-compliant versions for food and pharmaceuticals and aluminium bronze versions for petrochemicals.

About the Lutz Group: Pioneering Fluid Management Since 1954

Founded in 1954, the internationally active family business Lutz has become synonymous with professional fluid management. The Lutz group includes several high-performing, medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad, operating in pump technology, water treatment, and disinfection. With 13 branch offices and representatives in over 80 countries, Lutz provides high-quality and reliable pumps, systems, and accessories for dosing, conveying, emptying, and mixing various media in containers, systems, and processes. The product range includes drum and container pumps, flow rate meters, double diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps, solenoid and motor-driven dosing pumps, gas dosing devices, measurement and control systems, and disinfection systems for industry and swimming pools.

Lutz products and solutions are used in various industries, including chemicals, automotive, electroplating, surface treatment, food, paint and varnish, agriculture, water and wastewater treatment, and paper and ceramics.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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