Best Press Release Distribution Service

Creating an inspiring press release for your company is only half the picture, in order to produce outstanding results, you really need to also identify the best press release distribution service with a first-rate delivery package. A competent press release delivery service will improve your business’ SEO rating, social media exposure, and revenues.

Effective press release delivery platforms encourage small companies to distribute their latest press release to a multitude of writers, bloggers, influencers, publications and digital media organisations. The key aim is to gain the greatest media attention and to promote the information to the parties who have the most interest in the news.

If you’re a new business just starting or a big company wanting to expand, successful delivery of news releases is one of the secrets to growing your exposure and enabling you to attract the largest potential audience. But picking out the best press release distribution service can be pretty difficult; this is why we have compiled this list of the 15 best press release distribution service to help you pick out the most suitable company for your business or brand.


We analyzed and compared the top press release distribution systems based on the consistency of delivery, cost, sales, and other functions.

best press release distribution service

If you’re searching for a low cost distribution for your press releases to the UK or a global audience, perhaps might just the place. Its simple method enables you to compose and submit your news piece yourself and chose exactly where you would like it to be sent to for £50+VAT.

There are a lot of other choices too, if you have a budget to spare and want a few bonuses. Some of the main features worth investigating are focused on assistance for organisations with little PR expertise. You can upgrade or add on a guaranteed publishing option, which has your content published on over 200 websites including Market Watch and The Fox News Network for just £100+VAT.

best press release distribution service

If creating company announcements is not your strong point, then PR Fire also provides a rewrite or composing service which gives you access to the expertise of their in house team of journalists. They also regularly publish informative articles like “what journalists really want from a press release” on the PRFire blog to help companies learn the PR tips to help them gain maximum publicity.

Generally speaking, provides a wide and quality range of programs for a variety of companies and budgets. They also specialise in the financial and technology sectors.

best press release distribution service

If you’re about to write and deliver a news release, then you need it to be slick, engaging and highly readable, as minor errors like typos and poor grammar will lesson its impact when it is sent to your chosen distribution category.

This platform is set up for a robust UK, and international delivery service. PRFire rates are very affordable for basic services, and the rates are slightly higher as the level of service increases, however they are always affordable. There is the option to distribute regionally and the company is known for their strong links to regional UK journalists giving them a real edge over many of their competitors and meaning that PRFire is definitely a contender for the best press release distribution service.

Pressat provides accessible and best-in-class press release delivery options to companies seeking to franchise their news around the UK and abroad. It also provides public relations resources such as content writing, transcription, reporting, and access to a broad archive containing more than 1,4 million media connections.

Pressat uses thoroughly vetted approaches to specifically target marketing skills based on historical experience, geographic location, business, and journalists. They also support more than 33,000 users with personalized news updates, varying from reporters and editors to commentators and writers. All news articles are syndicated with Bing News, Donjons, NewsNow, Thomson Reuters, and global media outlets internationally.

The professional team successfully approaches editors, social media influencers, and customers and leverages additional PR delivery across the Press Association and NASDAQ OMX circuits. The PR Business also provides quick and stable corporate reporting services to listed firms in the United Kingdom and the European Community. The website also provides an updated media directory that lets companies identify and involve the best individuals as per their PR requirements.

Pressat has three programs–weekly, PayG, and yearly. The subscription package requires the delivery of news releases daily and the cost is £290 per month. This is one of the best press release distribution service for any company that has taken the effort to create a huge national marketing strategy with personalized communications and audience demographics.

The Real Wire is a PR supplier with more than 10 years of experience. It provides a great foreign news release delivery program. PR professionals have been working to support their web visibility for more than 10 years. Real Wire sends PR to 4,500 blogs and journalistic contacts across a wide variety of industries. The experienced editorial staff optimise the quality of the press statement to boost web visibility and social media attention. The UK-based business also provides a routing option so that consumers can arrange the delivery on a specific date and time.

Real Wire allows you infinite copy in terms of your article length. However, don’t overlook that more words means you have a decent release! The Real Wire have a strong list of business and regional categories and will aim your launch to all related regions. Each delivery of press releases requires up to three photographs all of which can have related links.

They are delivered through M2 Press wire. They also provide an index of Google News and other news sites and online browsers. Is The Real Wire the best press release distribution service? Well, It is optimal for small companies–particularly in the UK–who would like to try distributing PR for the very first time and know-how to get a regional news article.

They also provide language translator support, meaning that more and more people can read news releases in a variety of languages. It’s the perfect outlet for all companies who wish to reach out to internet media. The price for the conventional delivery of press releases is a mid range price and starts at £149 and £229 for delivery on social networks.

eReleases is a PR launch provider with an excellent database giving delivery across all platforms. By recruiting a writer and publisher, you can fulfil all the press release requirements. With reporters and editors, eReleases has robust writing and modifying support and excellent personalised service quality, as the profile can be managed by the same individual over time.

Companies that require national access throughout all networks and target particular industries would benefit greatly from a large database of 1.7 million connections. Via eReleases, you will use the assistance of professional reporters and editors who will regularly deal with you on your media news releases.

Assured listings on 75 media pages and a news release submitted to one industry-specific list. Write down a press release of up to 400 words. EReleases offers wire dissemination to 30,000 reporters via Associated Press across the US. Your news articles are already permanently deposited in PR Newswire for Reporters via eReleases.

A reason that E-Releases make it into this list of best press release distribution service is that their PR delivery contains 550 news content platforms, including McGraw-Hill, Smart Briefs, Moody’s, and much more. Their hyper-targeting functionality helps you to interact with bloggers, business journals, and reporters of your specific field or business sector. The price schedule for eReleases varies from $299–$499 per news release shipment. Many of their price options include 5,000+ media syndication outlets, attached frames, and next-day delivery.

PR Web is another fantastic web-based PR delivery tool. For more than 20 years, it has been providing help to hundreds of businesses to raise their online visibility, reach out to new clients, and enhance brand exposure. Their offerings include web exposure, internet coverage, and PR facilities. The organisation offers the resources needed to create a convincing narrative. Video encoding and graphical plugins are also obtainable and the walk through of the upload process is easy to understand.

The organization posts content on a variety of news sources and social media platforms. The system also helps users to assess PR output using in-depth research and monitoring. They have all information in real via mail to easily monitor PR impressions, possible target audience, search exposure, click-through rate (CTR), digital interaction, web traffic, page views, and social media interactions.

Excellent for low-cost online reach –you can pick the industries that you want to hit. Gain viewership of releases in related search results through big web pages like Google, Yahoo! and Bing by posting the news release on on a permanent contract. What makes PR Web one of the best press release distribution service is that it has the highest circulation of blogs, with more than 30,000 writers and bloggers receiving news releases. A perfect retail price for small companies who would like to keep a small digital PR strategy.

The strongest press release delivery systems provide assured PR Web and PRNewswire insertion. PR Web is ideal for smaller companies that want to boost their digital presence at fair rates. The simple PR delivery price starts at $99 (£78). This involves gaining brand recognition through global search engines and secure hosting on the PR platform. In high-level plans, you’ll get editorial input and fact-checking.

Press wire, the state-of-the-art SaaS (News-Alert) site, uses popular news connections to send out the press statements. This press release delivery program guarantees that your market release hits companies and that customer launches meet your customers efficiently. Press wire does have the facility to monitor your launches in order to measure your contribution.

You can publish, translate, aim, and even monitor your media release with Press wire’s best press statement delivery service. Geo-targeting the news releases in a particular region in a specific language is the perfect way to gain popularity with the press release program. Press wire is the best press release distribution service that renders this facility open to you. Press wire promises to deliver the press release immediately to writers who are most inclined to post about them. They do so by making personalised lists for each person launch from their live Contact Information Registry of more than half a million journalistic possibilities, through Regional and Global Publications, Magazines (Trade and Consumer), Cable, Radio, and the Internet.

Official statements can be submitted to approved Press wire users via their site, or personally via mail. They can be submitted as plain text or JavaScript, along with photographs and linked clips at no extra expense. Nice for local companies that like to pay a little bit to ensure their news releases are really going to help the researcher out. They also test submit each launch to verify that it still enters the recipients’ Inbox files, avoiding overaggressive spam/junk filtering.

Sign up for the program after browsing through the packages and rates clearly suggested for your area. Kindly fill your order to make your media release send to a larger audience and gain attention for your business.

From performance release, Release wire will protect you all. You can develop, publish, and analyze your news releases. With Release Wire, you will adapt easily to the evolving and new media interaction process. Release Wire lets you get heard without spending out of your pocket. Emotionally positive in its offerings ensures that you can achieve greater exposure and thus an outstanding answer for your company. Release wire’s internet tools are tailored to accommodate companies of all sizes. Release Wire aims to develop ways to boost its offerings.

Sign up for a subscription with your chosen package and post your news with your customer-friendly composing software. After making an announcement to major media sources, internet sites, and blogs, you can evaluate the effectiveness of making changes to attract valuable viewers.

This lowest point package contains syndication to more than 350 media sites. Dispersion of Associated Press reporters/editors and submission to main web pages and news internet sites. You can incorporate media, like images, clips, and recording. This is ideal for entrepreneurs with budgetary constraints who want to dip their foot in the ocean for their first news release, but still, realize they’re reaching all the big media search engines.

Delivers your launch to even more than 3,500 of the most viewed news portals, streaming platforms, and search engines. You can also get follow-up updates on the results of your news release. You will spread your press release through all major wireline providers in the UK and Ireland—making sure your report hits international news desks across conventional and digital media outlets. Only suitable for larger businesses and firms. Their customers are really big names in the industry.

Vuelio allows companies to make their narrative a reality by delivering strategy, editorial, and social networking sites monitoring, analysis, communication, and assessment resources in one place. They give you a better idea of who is most valuable to your market and company. Then with a multitude of monitoring and relationship marketing choices, you get input in real-time to make interactions much more successful. More than 3,000 companies around the world use their tools.

Vuelio is a member of Access Intelligence, a software innovator that provides high-quality SaaS goods to top international enterprises. With an expanding portfolio that also involves response Source, a platform that links media and marketers to the tools they need, swift and Pulsar, user feedback, and social media listening networks, Access Intelligence is dedicated to improving goods that accelerate an environment of open, better coordination.

The Access Information Community –with its brands Vuelio, Response Source, and Pulsar –has obtained the qualification to ISO/IEC 27001. It is an international standard for information security policy and reflects a continuing effort to implement the most robust risk assessment model to secure data and analysis related to both the Company and its customers.

The framework lays the foundation for the efficient handling of sensitive information and the enforcement of information security measures. It acknowledges an ongoing effort to monitor applications and vendors, determine risks, evaluate consequences, and enforce data protection controls. This involves auditing of all programs, information assets, organizational procedures, legal and regulatory standards, and an ongoing educational curriculum to enhance the organization’s competence in compliance control and risk analysis.

PR Underground is also another site providing great press release delivery options, such as internet coverage distribution, the charge per release, and search engine optimisation. It lets companies distribute their entertaining news reports across a wide network. Qualified editorial staff broadcast all launches to cable networks, global search engines, top internet outlets, and two well-known PR sites –including PR Newswire and MarketWatch.

The main advantage of this finest press release delivery company is that the expert editorial staff accepts, releases, and syndicates news articles in less than a day. They also post a news article on more than 80 local radio and web pages, namely News Hawaii,, and plenty more. It is perfect for companies wanting an all-in-one PR kit to attract more and more customers.

PR Underground provides two payment options–a pre-release package and a monthly membership plan. The starting price starts at $49.99 to $309 per launch. The Beginner option offers you one launch that will be submitted to Google News and released on 80 big websites, namely FOX/CBS/ABC/NBC. The original cost also covers the delivery of social networks and the article on The company will also refine each update for SEO.

A perfect budget choice for small companies, but be sure that you owe the group a decent narrative. Like all of these news release delivery systems, you’re just going to get a big pick up If you have a good interesting new story plot.

The business wire is a news delivery corporation that was founded in 1961. It has a large NX system that spans more than 89,000 social sites in 162 nations. It offers the best print and online press release delivery platforms that allow consumers to target both paper and electronic news organizations. Besides, the platform has a fantastic UX and layout. There is also a basic search feature that enables users to create and to sort through hundreds of news releases released daily on the site.

Their company plans to attract more than 200 market firms and select specific web layout and aesthetic that mimics websites like, Yahoo!, MSN, and so forth. Their specialist editorial staff delivers news releases in 20 languages around the planet. RSS feeds works and ensures to keep you abreast of the current economic and business news. The PR service also offers cost-free social media sharing links for a company that wants to tell their experience to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other famous and prominent social media platforms.

Customized delivery enables you to pick state, country, themes, and phrases. It makes you submit your launch creatively. Business Wire also helps companies to pre-plan their launch if they are unable to distribute it at the precise time that the consumer wants. The best aspect is that this PR distribution provider also produces business logo displays free of charge. It’s perfect for companies looking for a multitude of PR delivery solutions.

This is a completely new approach to the dissemination of news releases. Instead of a pure PR delivery service, PRGloo is a full public relations application that incorporates easy-to-use software with insight. This implies that they have interaction management tools (never miss a media connection again), content development processes, dissemination of news reports, and feedback on their performance and progress.

PRgloo is a cloud-based public relations application that incorporates tools for communication management, news releases, dissemination, feedback, marketers, media analysis, updates, reporting, analytics capabilities, and more on an interactive smartphone interface. The plan is intended for in-house mass media groups, personal emails, and interested parties to manage all communication activities, including queries, media major newspapers, news releases, coverage, and involvement of influencers.

With PRgloo, clients can centralize the administration of all information, contacts, and replies. The answer desk helps users to monitor and handle all claims, investigations, and inquiries made to their staff, and to exchange connections and proposals. Media-rich information can be produced and handled by a content portal where users can plan publications and set up restrictions. Clients can also regulate the dispersion of information to customized address books and interested parties.

If you’re a company owner who’s just searching for a one-stop store to take care of your whole PR operation, then PRGloo could have been for you. But if you want the news release delivery program, this is going to be way over the top.

Founded in2004, 24–7 Press Release is yet another great press release delivery service that handles and takes care of the PR requirements of small and medium enterprises. They also have a network of more than 50,000 users and have published hundreds of launches. It also contains an impressive information base that offers a wide range of press release posts for content management and so much more.

The skilled professionals are proud to support their customers by the delivery of press releases. They are delivered through a multi-channel mechanism to famous web media, major newspapers, publishers, and blogs through a strong spectrum of collaborators such as PR Newswire and Associated Press. This PR website offers full content syndication and delivery through all markets, regions, media outlets, and newspapers across the United States, Latin America, Europe, Canada, and Asia.

For the startup kit, the press release (with a two-day turnaround) will feature on Google, Bing & Yahoo search results and will be submitted to 50+ premium news pages. You can include your content in up to five business categories and connect up to four photos or papers. You will also be able to use data to assess the initiative. A great choice for smaller companies, primarily because you can begin with a very cheap strategy.

This news delivery business is an outstanding outlet for public relations experts, advertisers, corporate affairs consultants, and blogs. Their PR delivery strategies involve – Quick Post at $19 per PR, Exposure Raise at $49 per PR, PR Channel Plus at $89 per PR, Marketing Communications Pro at $139 per PR, and Corporate Media Exposure at $389 per PR.

PR Newswire is the largest and most influential press release firm in the industry owned by Cision. Their offerings provide content delivery, social media management, and best-in-class press release delivery services. It provides highly sophisticated PR targeting which has over 200,000 delivery points and covers over 4,500 U.S. pages with more than 550 news information systems.

It ensures the dissemination of press releases to more than 4,000 forums, 550 news content systems, 3,000 internet sites, and 125+ media-only website production. Professional editorial staff support, outstanding exposure reporting software, and multimedia enhancement are some of their major aspects. The best part of this media delivery firm is that it provides a PR toolbox for small companies.

PR Newswire also offers users the availability of better selections of news releases, blogs, workshops, white papers after free on-site registration. It also provides custom insights analyses that cover core metrics such as profit margin, demographic audiences, participation, and more. The PR Business also offers social media networking on industry-specific tools such as PRNtech and PRNhealth.

The forum is useful to those in the area of marketing and public relations. It is also suitable for medium-sized companies pursuing hyper-targeting of their launches at the state and national level. Their best press release delivery program comes at a premium price. Plans range from $350 to $805 per PR delivery. An additional $195 is required for the annual subscription.

PR Newswire Simple package provides business targeting, 1,000 channels, and 125 release-only social media website publishing. Although the advanced strategy allows for state and national targeting, 1,300–5,800 news sources, and 200 – 250 press releases–just media pages.

Would you like to raise your exposure globally, provincially, or nationwide? Just go no further than Newswire. It’s got fantastic media outreach and RSS databases. The professional editorial staff often uses state-of-the-art technologies and best strategies to ensure that their customers have an outstanding scope.

It contains one of the shortest PR submission procedures. The expert team will also change your acceptance of the press statement within a few moments. The organization also helps you to watch and evaluate this with its analytical platform. The amazing thing about this well-known PR business is that you get actionable insights and digital embedding in any good press release delivery service package.

They actively work and work diligently with every company to deliver personalized solutions that empower companies to achieve the best imaginable result. Newswire also presents free social media promotions. The greatest advantage is that their finest press release delivery plan comes with some exclusive features such as a completely functioning newsroom. It’s perfect for companies who want to hit a particular market within a particular place.

PR Business also delivers PR delivery services at good prices. The beginning cost is $149 per the news release. Most of their simple package provides access to 250 media sources, business marketing lists, and much more. That being said, if you need more functionality, you need to apply for the Premium Newswire package.

If you’re looking for a great press release distribution service on an affordable budget, Linking News is an all-out platform. It is a reliable company when it comes to the finest press release distribution services and has an established reputation in pleasing their customers. Their system of more than 330,000 news outlets, 900,000 reporters, and 90 million social media influencers is the biggest platform in the business.

Linking News ensures visibility in a variety of top-tier publications including Yahoo, USA Today, MarketWatch, and also more. Another explanation for why Linking News is one of the greatest press release delivery systems is that it provides 100% white label PR delivery. This means that there is no linking News mark on the media releases and papers. Press releases will never be released on the Linking News website.

Linking News works hard to offer a genuinely unique product from beginning to finish–whether you choose to specifically target media or improve web exposure. Their PR delivery support also covers web and social media reach and search engine optimization. It also helps companies to incorporate enticing multimedia and connections to enhance the productivity of their copy. Linking News is suitable for PR, advertising, and SEO agencies who want their reports to be shared on top result pages without getting them published with labels of third-part distribution firms on them.

The bonus aspect is that the PR Organization provides high-end delivery facilities at an affordable price ($159 for the simple plan), making them available to companies large and small.

So who do we think has the best press release distribution service?

Well we think that you have a comprehensive list there of the 15 best press distribution companies in 2021. They all have many great attributes and offer strong competitive results with what they achieve in the press. Price points are also similar, with the budget companies giving great value, and the higher priced companies all being able to offer a similar standard.

As is so often the way, it is customer service and the relationship you build with your account manager that will set each organisation apart. Our recommendation is to test out a few PAYG single media releases and evaluate the consistency and results for yourself. You may notice that some are stronger at B2B and market coverage, while others are better with product or specific category sectors.

The best press release distribution service will provide companies with an efficient way of reaching authors, influencers, writers, conventional and multimedia sources. The goal is to push the news out to the widest relevant audience, keeping the consumer up to date and well informed, whilst helping to raise awareness for the companies specific information. We assessed 15 PR distribution providers based on rates, locations, quality of distribution, and scope of functionality and we were pretty impressed with all of them.