Best UK Commercial Mortgages

Fixed-rate commercial mortgages are very popular in the UK because of the security of knowing how much you expect to pay per month. However, locating and retaining the right fixed mortgage rate may be troublesome. Many offers frequently start at a flat, fixed cost, but often turn to a higher variable rate after a specified period. This ensures that you will end up spending more than you anticipated if you end up at a variable rate.

Every year, we poll tons of commercial mortgages to show the lenders leading the way in service quality. We also analyse thousands of residential mortgages to identify lenders with the most attractive rates. Choosing the right” lender is all about what you require and what’s valuable to you.

Here we have compiled a list of all the best commercial mortgages lenders in the UK which will help you to choose the best one which meets your needs and requirements. 


  1. Barclays
  2. NatWest
  3. Royal Bank of Scotland
  4. Assets Capital
  5. Bank of Scotland
  6. Lloyds Bank
  7. Eastern Credit Ltd
  8. HSBC
  9. FAQ’S


Barclays is one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the UK. About 9 percent of all mortgages were issued in2018, totalling £23.1 billion. Barclays was formed in 1896 and dates back to the goldsmith banking company started in the City of London in 1690. Barclays offer mortgage rates to a lot of customers, but sometimes they won’t lend to you if you have poor credit.

Barclays Commercial is an international investment bank providing corporate financial services, including day-to-day bank deposits, insurance accounts, corporate mortgages, property construction finance, asset finance, invoice finance, and bank cards. They are ranked 4th in overall service efficiency in the BVA BDRC independent report and 1st in online and mobile banking services. Barclays funds small and large corporations.


National Westminster Bank, also known as NatWest, is the largest residential and corporate bank in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1968 with the unification of the National Provincial Bank with Westminster Bank. In 2000, it became a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which was named the NatWest Group in 2020. NatWest offers a wide range of financial and insurance services to family, corporate and commercial clients, along with the first dedicated UK savings account to be delivered and completely operated in Polish.

Operating under the name of Esme Loans, NatWest offers a digital lending channel for small to medium-sized businesses that are also open to non-NatWest or RBS banking customers. The bank participates entirely in the Quicker Payments Operation, an effort to accelerate such payments initiated in 2008. The NatWest Online mobile Payment app is open to private account holders above the age of 11 for online banking, a Mastercard, and a UK cellphone number. Emergency Cash offers access to cash without a debit card from NatWest, RBS, and Ulster Bank branches.


Royal Bank of Scotland (more widely known as RBS) is a division of The Royal Bank of Scotland Corporation, one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the United Kingdom, accounting for 11 percent of all mortgage loans in 2018-around £31 billion. Created in1727, RBS serves about 18.9 million customers worldwide. RBS mortgage deals are open to a wide variety of individuals, and tailor plans according to your requirements.

The bank is approved by the Prudential Regulation Authority and is governed by both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. It completely invests in the Quicker Payments Service, an effort to speed up such payments initiated in 2008. The Royal Bank of Scotland offers a wide range of financial and insurance services to family, corporate and commercial clients. As well as conventional branches, mobile and online banking. It helps you to customize your commercial mortgage to your needs at various prices appropriate for your commercial project.


If you are a company who needs to own the space on which you work, or a commercial landlord wanting to grow your holdings, a commercial mortgage might be the option. And what easier solution to lend a commercial mortgage from one of the leading companies asset capital. They do not impose limitations on UK locations and accept any house, although their fixed rates allow you to prepare easily for the length of the loan. They’ve built their app for everyone where you can manually pick up your mortgages or let their automated machines handle your finances for you. And if you need assistance, there are real people to chat with and help you

When it comes to lending and investing, lenders make money out of the interest they give creditors. Since peer-to-peer lending is a direct partnership, and since they charge a small amount of interest as their charge–much cheaper than construction firms–you get some of that value.


Bank of Scotland is providing home mortgages from £1,000 to £25,000 for anyone with a strong background of credit. The sum you will repay will be dependent on your conditions and the loans will be repaid over a term of one to seven years. Loans may be used for any reason, such as home renovation, owning a vehicle, or paying off old loans, or for any commercial project.

As well as a strong financial background, candidates will need to follow some conditions to be eligible to apply; you cannot be in full-time college, you should have a permanent UK address and you will need to have either a bank account kept for at least three months, a debit card or a current second mortgage with Bank of Scotland. If you don’t have all of these at the time, you’ll need to call in to discuss your lending plans with them.


Lloyds Bank provides personal loans from between £1,000 and £50,000 to be returned between one and seven years. Their average APR is 3.9% (this average APR refers to loans from £7,500 to £25,000 over 1 to 5 years). APRs rely on the amount lent, the duration of the loan, and the individual situation such that they can adjust during the application process. You would need to be over 18 years old and a resident of the United Kingdom to take out a loan. You will also be required to hold a Lloyds Bank account at least three months before the filing. If the request is granted, the funds will be credited to the account automatically, as long as they have been processed between 9:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.


They are an international funder investing in investment and commercial property finance, both directly to clients and through a network of initiators. Eastern Credit was founded in 2001 by their creators Derek Needham and Paul Needham, who together carried with them years of business expertise and experience. As their team of trained experts has grown, they have enabled thousands of companies to secure financing around the UK.

They review each applicant on the grounds of their merits, rather than depending exclusively on a credit score. Your dedicated account manager will help you through your procedure. They believe in delivering customized service to you. They plan to come back to you within 3 hours of obtaining your submission. Not only do they accept applications for existing companies, but they also consider new start-ups and businesses with weak


If you plan to transfer, extend, or upgrade your company’s premises, HSBC Commercial Mortgage will help you plan your growth in a manageable and inexpensive manner. Remember, though that the property can be reassessed if you do not pay your interest payments back on time. You will borrow up to 75% of the sales price or skilled value (whichever is lower). They give a minimum loan sum of £25,001-without a very good maximum limit. The lease term is also astounding, as the repayment period is between 2 and 30 years.

You may pick a fixed 1 or variable rate and monthly or weekly interest payments and modify your mortgage to suit your needs. They encourage you to delay up to two loan repayments in either year OR take the capital repayment choice for the first 2 years. They also offer an optional capital redemption holiday for all or half of the first 24 months.



Yeah, commercial mortgages are either available on debt or full capital repayment. Although the list of lenders providing interest mortgages is small.


Commercial mortgage loans prefer to operate at the bottom end of the sale value or open market value. If you shop for less than OMV, you would usually have to make a deposit depending on the sales price.


Commercial mortgages are regulated where 40% or more of the property is to be used as or in conjunction with a house. This happens where the land is used for both living and selling. The property must be used as a home by the mortgage holder and would therefore be listed as controlled even if the commercial portion were permitted.

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