Saturday, May 25, 2024

Case for speed cameras weakens

LONDON – Campaigners continued their protests against the installation of speed cameras amid government reports that most number of road casualties took place due to the drivers’ failure to pay attention on road rather than for speeding.

The campaigners argued that if that was the case, then there was no need of the speed cameras as they cannot do anything to stop a driver from speeding. Paul Smith, associated with Safe Speed, which has led the campaign, said, “In that case, why are there so many cameras? Even those statistics are flawed, because they could include a joy-rider who is going at 100mph and no camera will ever stop him. They are spinning like tops to justify the camera programme.”

According to government reports, accident casualties in UK dropped to 3,201 deaths in 2005, a decline of 0.6 percent while the rate of serious injuries fell to 7 percent. The figures shown by Department for Transport added that of the total number of accidents taking place, 26 percent of them were fatal crashes. Even there the DfT said that only 15 percent of the accidents were caused due to speeding. Meanwhile over 35 percent of fatal accidents took place due to loss of control.

The DfT used only police reports and were aware that the numbers recorded could be less than the actual number. A spokesman for DfT said, “We have always used police figures and they do provide a straight year-on-year comparison.”

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