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Taiwan and mainland carriers to offer 96 cross-strait charter flights Feb 13-26

TAIPEI (XFN-ASIA) – Six Taiwan airlines and six counterparts from mainland China are slated to provide a total of 96 cross-strait passenger charter flights during Feb 13-26 for the Lunar New Year holiday period, an official said.

‘These flights will be non-stop but need to fly over Hong Kong air space,’ said an official from Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

Each flight refers to one round trip.

Under the plan, Taiwan’s China Airlines (2610.TW), EVA Airways Corp (2618.TW), Far Eastern Transport Corp, Mandarin
Airlines Ltd, Transasia Airways Corp and UNI Airways Corp will operate a total of 48 flights during the Lunar New Year holidays.

Another 48 flights will be provided by six airlines from the mainland, namely Air China Ltd, Hainan Airlines Co Ltd, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines Co, China Southern Airlines Co Ltd and Xiamen Airlines Co Ltd.

Destinations permitted for such passenger charter flights include Taoyuan and Kaohsiung in Taiwan, while mainland destinations include Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Xiamen, the official added.

Taipei and Beijing had in June last year agreed on more cross-strait charter passenger flights during major holidays, while also opening special cargo flights and charter flights for emergency healthcare and special humanitarian purposes.

The 12 Taiwan and mainland carriers are allowed to operate a combined 168 flights a year for passenger charter services during the Lunar New Year, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival periods.

At 11.42 am, China Airlines was up 0.20 twd at 15.95 while EVA Airways was down 0.10 at 14.00.

(1 usd = 32.80 twd)


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