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LA Investment Capital Announces Five New Private Equity Funds for June 2009

(1888PressRelease) June 20, 2009 – By taking advantage of the of a downturn market place where the supply of equity capital available for equity investments is far from reaching the demand or need for it, senior advisors and managers of LA Investment Capital look to make investments into early stage or growth stage companies that provide their equity funds a “value added investment opportunity with an opportunistic return on investment”.

LA Investment Capital prides itself on its ability make investments into US Companies that add jobs to the US Job Market while providing safe and high investment returns, and investments into foreign based companies that provide an elevated investment return potential to its US Based Equity Funds and Investors.

The Private Equity Funds offered by LA Investment Capital are termed “True Closed-End Private Equity Funds”, or as company officials call them, “Non-Blind Private Equity Funds”. Simply put, the firm may go out seeking early and growth stage energy investment opportunities and settle to make investments into seven A+ quality privately held energy companies for a total investment amount of $100 million dollars for the seven opportunities.

After a full due diligence and audit package has been completed on each investment opportunity, Senior Management at LA Investment Capital put together a “Bulk Equity Fund Package”, better known as “A Fund”, for investors to review and make their investment into. Before making an investment into one of these “Funds”, investors get an opportunity to review each of the companies in the “Fund” (sometimes referred to as a “portfolio”), not an investment criteria or a general investment profile as offered by most funds today, and in many instances the investors even get an opportunity to speak to the managing partners of each of the companies into which the fund will be making an investment.

The true upside of this investment model is that each investor making an investment into a “Fund” is getting an investment in a truly diversified portfolio of A+ investment opportunities. Most private equity investment opportunities are single investment opportunities, meaning you invest into a single company, and your investment dollars “fly or die” with that companies success or lack-there-of. By investing in one of LA Investment Capital’s “Funds”, each share holder of a “fund” is equally invested in each of the multiple investments the fund invests into, essentially making each “fund” a “mutual fund of private equity investment opportunities”, which helps minimize the risk of each investment made by the investor(s).

The term “True Closed-End Fund” comes from the fact that after the full investment of the $100 million dollars is made by the “Fund”, the Fund never again makes another investment. The Fund and its investors simply sit back as the companies the fund has invested into perform in the market place and collect their quarterly investment returns. When the partnership with its investments come to an end, whether through and equity buy-out or IPO, the Fund simply distributes its last set of investor returns and dissolves.

In an effort to address the growing investment frauds in the market place today, and to ensure each investor that their investment dollars are safe with LA Investment Capital, LA Investment Capital has retained a private third party accounting firm to provide quarterly financial statements and year end audited financial statements to all shareholders of each of LA Investment Capitals Private Equity Funds.

LA Investment Capital currently has Private Equity Investment funds in the following market sectors: Energy, BioFuels, Oil & Natural Gas, Mineral Rights, Domestic Real Estate and International Real Estate. If you are sophicated investor looking for low risk investments with investment returns in the teens or greater, LA Investment Capital may have the investment vehicle for you.

LA Investment Capital

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