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Debt Settlement America Gives Back This Holiday Season

(1888PressRelease) December 24, 2009 – Debt Settlement America (DSA) has offered a special gift to three families this holiday season by allowing them temporary deferments. A deferment means that the client will be able to skip their regularly scheduled fee payments for one to three months, essentially allowing them to receive DSA’s services for free during that time. Debt Settlement America has given out one, two, or three month deferments for these clients as a part of the company’s efforts to assist as many people as possible in as many ways as possible.


One client of DSA’s who has gone through a particularly rough year has three children, two of which suffer from disabilities. This client’s 11-year-old daughter and 9-month-old daughter both require special care and attention, which cause the family to spend large chunks of time and money in doctor’s visits and bills. Because this client is unemployed herself, her husband, a trucker, works extra hours to ensure that the family is provided for and that the medical bills are covered. Due to his long work hours and lengthy travels, he has only seen their nine-month-old daughter twice since she was born. Even through these hardships this family still manages to save money, and has settled two-thirds of their debt so far. Debt Settlement America has gifted this southern family a one-month deferment so that this father can be at home with his family and his new baby girl for the holidays.


Financial problems caused one of DSA’s west coast clients to lose her home to foreclosure, which also ended her marriage. Having lost her house and her husband, she was forced to move in with a friend, where she still pays rent. Once separated, her husband stopped helping pay off any of the debt they accumulated while still together. This client is now working to support her two young boys and resolve her debt without much support. Through it all, this client has shown determination to do everything she can to make ends meet and save to pay off her debt, and has already settled one of her accounts. This client continues to show strength to her boys to give them confidence in the future. Debt Settlement America has gifted this client a two-month deferment to help this client catch up and begin the new year on easier footing.


As a worker in the home improvement sector, an east coast client of DSA’s saw his pay reduced by $10,000 a year in the last year. Already in debt by that point, this client then moved his family across the country for work. Despite these challenges, this client managed to save and has settled almost half of his debt. The holiday season, however, has proven difficult for his business, and he is now struggling to meet his mortgage payments and to feed his wife and two young daughters. Debt Settlement America has gifted this family a three-month deferment to help this client get back on track financially during the slow months of his work and to allow him to continue providing for his family.


Debt Settlement America works to resolve unsecured debt for Americans all over the nation. Debt Settlement America’s debt negotiators work on a consumer’s behalf to secure settlement on their unsecured debts. This way, a consumer can pay off each creditor with one lump sum payment at a reduction from their original debt balance. These settlements are legally binding, and ensure that no further collection efforts or legal action will be taken on the settled accounts.


DSA (Debt Settlement America) is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and services clients across the nation. Since its inception in 2004, DSA has established itself as a leader in the debt settlement industry. DSA is a member of the US Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Association of Businesses, the American Bankers Association, and a Gold level member of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. DSA has been recognized as a TASC Best Practices accredited member company for the past three years.


To learn more about Debt Settlement America, or to receive a consultation free of charge, go to or call 866-433-7461.


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