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McDonald’s launches fine dining in Tokyo? Are you excited?

McDonald’s in Tokyo is launching fine dining- complete with earthenware, cutlery, and tablecloths. For one night just, the pop-up ‘Restaurant M’, will offer people bizarre twist on conventional fast food into some distinctive degree environment.

The sustenance will incorporate plated burgers, alongside a French rotisserie ‘vichyssoise’, a stressing sounding vegetable gelee, frosted tea served in wine glasses and a crisp blueberry McFlurry.

It’s soliciting individuals to book tables from ten at this top of the line burger bar for a night. There will be 20 tables up for grab – so still, when McDonald’s goes upmarket, regardless it hopes to rise through its customers.
It’s an advanced approach to getting people discussing a trade name that has suffered in Japan as of recent – and lost $57 million in the area in 2014. It was the first year that McDonald’s had confronted a misfortune in Japan since it unfolded its first outlet there in 2001, and has invited branch terminations and more radical thoughts from the administrative group – including this pop-up.

It’s not the first run through the brand has endeavored to raise its sustenance to fine feasting with an end goal to attract consideration regarding the nature of its fixings. Toward the end of 2013, it held a test in an extravagant eatery in Tribeca, New York, where celebrated cooks endeavored to make gourmet suppers from McDonald’s fixings. Irregular inventions included hamburger finished with blueberry pomegranate sauce, gnocchi produced using French fries, a perfumed and harsh battered chicken bite dish and a few grill chicken dishes.

The proprietors of one Sydney branch even gave cutlery and ceramics a trial, albeit following five weeks of washing plates and serving tables, the thought of fast food administration more likely than not began to engage them once more.

The uplifting news for the brand is that a few people are such fans that they needn’t bother with china and cutlery to visit McDonald’s for an extraordinary occasion. Take Steven Asher and Emily Marshall from Bristol. When they were trying to trump up some place to have their wedding gathering, they couldn’t believe anything more honorable than their most loved eatery – McDonald’s. They figured out how to encourage every one of the 33 of their visitors for only £150. The upbeat couple even postured for a photo encouraging one another French fries.

In any case, what do you think? Would you visit a top of the line McDonald’s eatery? Tell us in the comments

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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