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2016 is the best time to become an Entrepreneur

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, JD Rockefeller, and Walt Disney. Four names synonymous with out and out success, insatiable ambition, eye-watering wealth, and innovative thinking. Despite the fact that these names are known leaders in completely different fields, there is one thing that they each have in common. They all started out as entrepreneurs. All of these business giants would’ve have faced their own individual challenges when building their respective empires, whether it was Rockefeller founding Standard oil in 1870, or Bill Gates starting Microsoft over 100 years later. The common theme they all share, is they would have taken full advantage of the resources that were available at the time.

Today, as many of 40% of Britons want to start their own business. If you count yourself among this growing group of people who hold a dream of being their own boss, it is likely that you will face many of the same challenges that the aforementioned business giants would’ve come across. But, in 2016, what we possess that Messrs. Gates, Jobs, Rockefeller, and Disney didn’t is the power of hindsight. Thanks to the practically infinite well of information that is now available online, each of us, so long as we have access to a computer, can read in detail about the problems that our entrepreneurial hero’s would’ve faced, and how they can be avoided.

On top of reading about the stories and challenges of entrepreneurs form the past, the internet also provides us with real-time advice from those who are currently working for themselves, as well as news. Much of it can be found on this very site, while others can take advantage of the many other handy resources available to support people with small businesses, seeking growth.

Another way in which the global internet has widened the goal posts for ordinary people, is that no matter how niche your business idea may be, you have a potentially global audience to tap into. Thanks to the whole world being online, a small manufacturer of craft beers, for example can take orders from across the world, and export quite easily.

Even as little 15 years ago, the idea of a stay-at-home mother setting up a successful business from a spare room using only a desktop computer would seem inconceivable. Setting up a business online, from home allows would-be entrepreneurs to reduce overhead costs, as they can bypass some things are were previously believed to be essential to running a business. We are hearing about the success of Mum’s setting up businesses from home again and again.

By working from home, with a business that is fully online, you don’t need to pay extra for business premises. Another advantage that can help to drive down costs is that you can source suppliers for any necessary materials worldwide. Again, the web is full of great resources and useful guides that can help laymen within this area. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Disney all take advantage of the global marketplace, and new entrepreneurs can as well.

In the days prior to widespread internet access, many would’ve been put off by the idea of having to contact to find cheap suppliers and manufacturers of materials in emerging markets, such as Asia. Today, we can connect with, and negotiate with these suppliers quite easily. As the evidence shows, it is now easier for ordinary people to enter the world of entrepreneurship, as thanks to the internet, we can connect to a global audience.

We can potentially sell anywhere, buy anywhere, and work from anywhere. This has levelled the playing field between individuals wanting to start their own businesses, and large corporations who dominate the market place. These are the main reasons why, in 2016, more of us are wanting to seek out the advantages that are associated with entrepreneurship, and start our own business. After all, there are more tools, information, and resources at our disposal than ever before.

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Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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