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Shop designs adding to consumer experience to boost retail performance

In the past, shop designs were focused on getting in as many products as possible with very little thought given to what the consumers actually wanted. The common theme was a crowded house mentality. All of that has changed today. Consumers are looking for a tidy, uncomplicated yet sophisticated and engaging shopping experience and only shops deigned with this in mind can attract and retain them. How can you achieve a shop design that sells?

Focus on creating space

As mentioned above, the days of crowded shopping are long gone. Consumers want a shop layout that allows them to peruse your offerings comfortably. Very few people will return to your shop if they have to bump into other people or if your shopping space evokes the feeling of congestion. Many people will turn back at the door!   To ensure a spacious design, cut down on the number of cabinets and counters and ensure adequate spacing within your shop. Use SlatWall Hooks to hang some merchandise that would ordinarily be in a cabinet. It is however, important to avoid leaving too much space around. It could give off the feeling that your shop is under stocked.

Create relaxing spots around the shop

Customers like to socialise in a relaxing manner at all times. This is why most shoppers today appreciate a shop layout that offers them a space to sit and relax – here are some great designs to check out for a while during the shopping process. If you can find space in your shop layout for some relaxing cushions for your customers, you should embrace it. Alternatively, you can have some chairs just outside your shop. This gives your customers the message that they are always welcome to hang around your shop.

Display your social responsibility goals and achieved targets

Sustainability, ecological friendliness and giving to worthy causes are factors consumers watch out for today when patronising any retail outlet. You should highlight these aspects of your business by devoting a portion of your shop’s layout to displaying awards, achievements, goals etc. Consumers today are often happy to know that their preferred shopping outlet is ecologically friendly or a patron to a worthy cause.

Embrace warm colours

In the past, shop designs featured neutral white lighting, white walls and cool colour tones. Today however, more consumers are showing affinity for warmer tones and brands are now changing in line with them. A warm atmosphere as offered by a warm colour theme has been proven to help consumers feel at home and spend more time in shops.

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Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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