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How Innovation continues to drive the global Travel sector

It is interesting to consider how innovation has impacted on multiple business sectors and social values. To understand this further, you need only look at the typical citizen’s approach to saving in the modern age, as the majority leverage digital technology to increase their earnings rather than focusing solely on reducing living costs.

The travel and tourism sector is also a prime example of how innovation can drive an industry and inspire growth. After all, a number of recent studies have revealed that the global tourism market is one of the largest single employers in the world, while its unique gross domestic product represents nearly 3.1% of the global GDP as a whole.

Behind the Headlines: A look at the Innovations that have inspired the travel sector

Last year, it was revealed that the global travel market employed more people that automotive manufacturing, mining and the financial services sector combined. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) also confirmed that the industry generated $2.4 trillion as recently as 2014, highlighting the growth and prominence of this diverse sector.

Make no mistake; this growth has pinned underpinned by a technological revolution that has reduced the cost of travel and improved the customer experience when booking trips, travelling overseas or planning their excursions. Here are some of the primary innovations: –

Bag Tracking and Luggage accessories

Issues such as lost or oversized luggage used to undermine even the best overseas trips, but this is no longer the case in 2016. We have already seen technology initiated to create ‘smart’ suitcases, for example, while the McCarran Terminal 3 in Las Vegas; main airport has also experimented with the use of radio frequency identification to chip and track boarded suitcases.

In terms of packing the right size luggage, Case Luggage and Accessories has developed an interactive application that enables you to check whether the dimensions of your cabin case will fit on a designated airline. Called Case 2 Fit, it ensures that you are able to travel light while easing the often time-consuming checking-in process.

Stay connected through Airplance Wi-Fi

Years ago, the notion of accessing a Wi-Fi connection while in the air was almost unthinkable. In-flight Internet connectivity is now taken for granted across almost all global airlines, however, and while this is often charged the overall cost to te consumer is continuing to decline (and will probably be eradicated completely in a few years time).

We have also seen airlines recently add power outlets for passenger use, enabling travellers to charge their smartphones and tablets in time for their arrival. This is only a small detail, but it creates a more comfortable and enjoyable flight while also driving a more convenient travelling experience.

The rise of Functional Travel apps

Last but not least, we come to the ever-increasing range of travel applications available in 2016. The majority of these are focused on logistics and user reviews, enabling travellers to plan their itineraries independently without the need for guided tours or costly advice.

Instead, you can use progressive apps such as Rome2Rio to plan your movements while abroad, as this tool includes a huge database that draws information for landmarks, streets and cities from all over the world. Trip Advisor also offers an incredible array of user reviews on hotels, restaurants and bars from across the globes, while landmarks are also rated on the experience that they offer.

This helps you to plan your trip in careful detail, while simultaneously enabling you to get the maximum value for your money.

As we can see, these innovations have had a cumulative impact on the way in which people travel, savings consumer’s money and enabling them to fulfil their dreams. This is the foundation on which recent growth in the travel sector has been built, and with further innovations planned for the future we should expect this trend to continue.

Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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