Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Study Reveals British “Haphazard Habits” When It Comes To Backing Up Data

A new study has revealed how haphazard Brits are when it comes to backing up data.

Despite one in three people saying they value their digital photos and videos more than their car, one in five people NEVER back up videos or photos and almost a third ‘don’t think about’ backing them up, meaning if a device fails or is stolen they could lose them forever.

On average, Brits have 1,937 photos and 84 videos each stored on their computers and other devices, and they will take 35 pictures and 13 videos during a typical month. Over half of those surveyed are concerned they will lose a photo or video footage in the future, while 30 per cent have already suffered the loss of a precious memory.

In 23 per cent of cases this happened due to a lost or misplaced device. A hardware failure (41 per cent), deleted by accident (25 per cent) and theft (12 per cent) were also common causes for loss. A quarter will back up these files just once a month, while 15 per cent do it only once a year.

Bullguard CEO Paul Lipman said: “The study shows just how much we depend on pictures and videos to ensure we remember major life moments.

“Thanks to the improvements in digital technology such as smartphones, it’s easier than ever to document important memories. However, if something was to happen to the device they are stored on and the precious photos and videos weren’t backed up, we may never get to see them again.”

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