Friday, May 17, 2024

3 reasons to delay your Christmas vacation until January

Because you need winter sun, but all those Christmas presents might have set you back a bit.


#1 The flights are cheaper

Flying during the holiday season can rinse your budget quicker than Christmas shopping in Selfridges. However, travelling in January is the solution.

The most expensive time of the year to fly is between the 15th of December and January 1st, whereas flying in January is actually 15 percent cheaper than flying in November, and a massive 23 percent cheaper than flying in December.


#2 Hotels are cheaper too

Hotels are the second biggest budget killer on a holiday. But many hotels actually have sales in the New Year, so make sure you keep an eye on holiday vacation deals – which often include hotel deals.

New York is a great example, as they have Hotel Week in January, where they typically offer hotel rates of $100 to $300 per night, when the hotel would normally go for $500 per night.


#3 Eating costs less

The other large expenditure on holiday? Eating out. Fear not – most restaurants know that after a month of overindulgence, people don’t want to go out much in January. Which is why most restaurants will offer deals in the New Year, meaning you can eat just as much for a fraction of the price.

If you’re low on cash, make sure you prepare food at the hotel. If you run out of money while you’re there, Vivus can tide you over till you get home.

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