Friday, June 14, 2024

Clinton Trumps Trump For British Punters

US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has trumped her rival in the race for the White House – as far as British punters are concerned at least.

Research by novelty predictions site in conjunction with Ladbrokes show that most major UK cities are backing former First lady Hillary to become the first ever female President.

She is way ahead of Donald Trump in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Newcastle when it comes to bets placed.

Only Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester are putting more dosh on Donald.

Betting by city (percentage for Trump/Clinton)

Aberdeen 14/67
Birmingham 25/66
Bristol 18/43
Cardiff 36/37
Edinburgh 36/39
Glasgow 26/40
Leeds 45/40
Liverpool 41/39
London 33/54
Manchester 50/42
Newcastle 14/73

And despite the fact that UK voters do not have a voice in the election, many hold passionate views about both candidates.

In a survey of 750 UK adults by novelty predictions and news site, 58 per cent said that if they were a US citizen they would vote for Clinton, compared to just 11 per cent for Trump.

The average UK Trump backer emerged as male, aged 55+, with an income of £70k+ and likely to live in Liverpool, while the average Clinton punter was female, aged 45+, with an income of £70k+ and based in Manchester.

Alexander Kostin, spokesman for, said: “Our research reveals the same pattern as we observed with Brexit – betting companies were alarming about big number of bets placed on UK leaving the EU, polls and media were saying opposite, like it shall or will never happen.

“With the US election we see the same – Ladbrokes reporting that three cities in the UK bet mostly on Trump to win, but our survey showed opposite results.

“In my opinion when people put their money on something to happen, it shows they believe in it more than they may say they do publicly”.


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