Sunday, April 14, 2024

Frugal Football Fans Pair European Away Clashes With Romantic City Breaks

Britain’s frugal football fans are pairing European away clashes with romantic city breaks to cut costs, new research has revealed.

Almost one in five British football fans will be jetting off for European football clashes with their other half this week. With Spurs away in Monaco, Man City in Germany and Southampton jetting off to Prague, many blokes have seized on the opportunity to book a city break with their partner.

Fifty-two per cent have travelled to a football match with their partner in the past, while 16 per cent have plans to do so in the future. Just half of couples will watch a football match together, however. A quarter of partners would prefer to head out to the shops surrounding the stadium, while a fifth take those ninety minutes to head out and explore the city.

But coaxing a partner to the match is easier said than done. A third have to plan a distraction that their partner will enjoy around the time of the match in order to appease them, while a quarter plan a romantic activity to make it up to their beleaguered beloved.

Spain is the most popular away day for Britain’s loved up couples, while France and Italy also provide a draw.

Ahead of this week’s clashes Expedia has created the ultimate European football away game travel guide for fans looking to take a break, giving a break-down of information on all key European cities.

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