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Is It Really Safe To Play (And Pay) Online?


Amidst the myriad other worries we have in our day to day lives, online security often ranks fairly highly. We use the internet for so many things – for almost everything in some cases – and if we can’t trust it then our usual way of doing things can be completely turned upside down.

Online payments are always a big cause for concern, and when playing online games in casinos, the idea that someone might be able to find out our personal and payment details, and use that information for their own gain, leaving us out of pocket, is a frightening one. It can put people off altogether.

However, innovations in technology and online payment systems mean that many people now feel a lot more confident in having a good time online, sure that their payment and banking details (and therefore their money) is absolutely safe. Casinos such as Mr. Smith Casino implement a variety of different payment options so that customers can choose the one that suits them. So just what are these most secure payment options?


Perhaps the most well known of the alternative payment options (that is, a payment option that doesn’t need you to enter your card details onto the site itself), Paypal used to be the preserve of eBay only. However, it’s ease of use and popularity, not to mention the fact that, should something go wrong, users are protected and will quickly get their money back, meant that it soon outgrew its original intended use, and now it can be found all over the internet. The advantage of using Paypal is that once you have signed up, you only need to use your email address to pay.


Similar in terms of usage to Paypal, Skrill is a newer payment option that is extremely secure. As well as payments, you can link bank accounts, storecards, send and receive money, and even pay using your mobile in some shops. There is a fee to pay to receive money, but it’s just 1%, so it’s perfectly acceptable in most cases.


Paysafe Card

A Paysafe Card is a great option for not only paying securely, but also for keeping to your budget when it comes to gambling or shopping. Find a shop that sells the cards and use it like a phone top up – you chose how much to put on the card, and once that amount is spent, the card will no longer work. So if you don’t like the idea of inputting your debit or credit card details in a website, but neither do you want to sign up for an online payment option, this card is the ideal solution.


Entropay is another pre-paid card, only this one is virtual. You will be emailed a card number once you have signed up and deposited some money. Use that number to play online at Mr Smith Casino and other exciting websites!


Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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