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New array of devices that can help in making your retirement planning easier

When you plan for retirement, you plan for a secure financial future. You cannot take your finances lightly in your golden years because one misstep could lead to bankruptcy or poverty. If you need assistance with calculating finances or securing investments, you cannot go through the process alone. Have a close look at the following new array of devices. They’re meant to help you create an effective, long-term plan for retirement.

Plan Your Budget with “You Need a Budget”

By the time you retire, it might be a good idea to know what you need to survive on your own. There are unexpected times when your budget reaches an amount that you did notpredict. Then, you must learn how to save and spend money more wisely. Find a budgeting tool that helps you improve money management skills.


You Need a Budget is an app with videos and tutorials that offer suggestions on good budgeting tips. Import your financial information into one central system that allows you to track years of spending and savings. Saving all your life means nothing if you cannot manage. Use this device on the Web, iPhone, Android, iPad and Apple Watch. Try the free monthly trial and pay $60 after it ends.

Control Your Investments with “Personal Capital”

Investing for retirement is a skill that takes plenty of research and practice to master. You can consult a very expensive consultant to help you, which takes more out of your investments. Another option is to find a good, free investment app online. Personal Capital is used by many retirees to track their investments. The cash flow analyzer allows you to monitor investing habits every day, week and month. For visual-minded people, there is a free retirement planner with easy-to-view charts and graphs.

With the investment checkup tool, know about the investment portfolios you currently have along with the net worth and performance of each one. Before you buy, use the fee analyzer to check the fees of your investment accounts. From fees to updates, the data is given in real time so you get results right now.The free app, designed for Android and iOS phones, has all of the same benefits as the website.Use this Personal Capital tool on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Take Good Care of Personal Finances with “Moneydance”

Using a Web-based bank is the most modern way to manage your finances. You need an online banking system where your financial details are secure and you can use the device anywhere. Moneydance makes it easier to control all of your financial transactions manually or automatically. Create graphs and reports to display your information, set up reminders about upcoming transactions and more. Moneydance has simple tools to help you with your personal finances. The device works on Windows, OS X or Linux operating systems. For a limited time, try the free trial and pay $50 after the end date.

Keep Track of Finances with “My Calculators”

Sometimes, all you need is a really good calculator. There is more than the basic, cheap calculator you buy at the store. My Calculators is a free tool for the management of your savings, retirement, investment, 401k or rate and yield plans. Make calculations on the amounts you need to spend and save for each account you have.On their website you have an array of great tools you can use, from loan calculators and rate-yield calculators to retirement and 401 (k) calculators and more. Make your pick and prepare for a relaxing retirement. It’s always best to stay organized if you want to travel someplace nice when you reach 60 or live comfortably without stressing about budgeting.


Even for elderly people, the newest trend these days is to use apps. You can do almost anything on apps, and that includes budgeting, investing and managing your retirement plan. As a retiree, find financial apps that are easy to understand, straightforward and convenient when you are on the move. Most of the tools are free or affordable, so you can afford a helpful resource for your retirement. Find one or more apps designed to help you take better control of your finances before and after retirement.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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