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Is your behaviour at home increasing your energy bills?

Gas and electricity bills seem to go up every year, and many people struggle to pay the rising costs. However, energy and heating shouldn’t be a luxury, and no one should have to worry about expensive bills. Thankfully, you can alter your habits at home to reduce the costs of your energy bills.

Here are six things that you might be doing that increase the costs of your energy bills, as well as tips and tricks to help you lower the costs.

Using a Power Shower or Bath

Running a bath uses up more power than a normal shower, but a power shower uses twice as much energy and water as a bath. If you want to lower the cost of your energy bills, consider cutting out baths completely and replacing power showers with a more cost-effective shower pump.

While this may seem like an expensive way to reduce the cost of your energy bill, it is extremely effective. A high-quality pump will cost between £50 and £100, and it is a one-off payment that more than pays for itself.

Turning the Heating Up

According to the Energy Saving Trust, lowering the room temperature by 1ºC can lower the cost of your energy bill by up to £90. The lower temperature won’t be very noticeable, especially if you are wearing a jumper and socks, and the savings are well worth it.

You can save even more money by switching off the radiators in the rooms that you use the least, such as a spare bedroom. You can also by a smart thermostat that lets you adjust the heating remotely from your laptop. Very convenient, and a great way to lower the cost of your energy bill!

Leaving Appliances on Standby Mode

People often leave their appliances on standby mode as they think it will save energy, but it is much more energy-efficient to just switch them off. When something is on standby mode, it is still using electricity, so it will increase your energy bills. Make sure that you turn off computers and televisions when you have finished using them, and make sure that you don’t leave your laptop plugged in overnight.

Draughts in Your Home

Cold air will quickly get into your home through the space under the door, cracks near windows and your letter box. This means that you have to spend more money on heating to keep your house warm, but you can draught-proof your home to reduce the cost of your bills.

You can buy draught excluders for all of the doors in your house, and you can use draught-proofing strips around your window frame. If you have a chimney, you could consider buying a large pillow or a cap to block the hole.

Using Out-Dated Appliances

If you’ve had your fridge and freezer for years and they still work, you probably haven’t thought about replacing them. However, old appliances use old technology, which isn’t as energy-efficient as more modern options. If you’re thinking about replacing your fridge and freezer, check out some new models with energy star ratings. It may seem more expensive than an older model, but it is well worth it as it will significantly lower the cost of your bills.

Not Insulating Your Home Properly

If your home isn’t properly insulated, most of your heating will quickly disappear through the walls. You can insulate your loft and cavity walls fairly easily, and insulation is fairly cheap to buy. Once you have replaced the insulation, your home will hold heat more efficiently, so you won’t need to switch the heating on as often.

If you are ready to lower the cost of your bills, it is time to make adjustments to your home and replace your items with more efficient choices, such as a new pump for your shower. It won’t take long – and it will be well worth it for the savings.

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