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Self Storage For Commercial Business Reasons

Self storage had built a bit of a reputation as simply being a place for homeowners and long term property renters to store all of their unwanted possessions that they just did not have the heart to throw away, with some people associating storage units as just a place to store junk.

And whilst, for some this might still be the case, over the past ten years the demand for self storage facilities across the UK has risen dramatically with new storage units popping up everywhere, meaning that if you need storage, you are often only a very short drive away from your nearest facility, even in the most rural areas. In popular business districts such as Camden and Westminster in London, self storage facilities are a huge help to business owners.

And with the rise in demand and supply, has come a much better understanding about self storage and just how cost effective it is, and when it comes to commercial self storage and businesses making use of a storage facility, more and more now actually make use of this fantastic space giving solution. Whilst self storage is not the option for every business and industry, across the UK, thousands of small to medium sized businesses, charities and organisation will have a long term storage unit (or two), as a way of utilising cost effective space saving.

The team at Bristol based Thornbury Self Storage agreed to an interview to look at why commercial self storage really can be a lifeline for a growing company.

There are many, many reasons why and how commercial self storage can be used and these include:

  • Holding Stock
  • Document Storage
  • Archive Storage
  • Furniture / Production Materials
  • Seasonal Products

And as we say, many more reasons, but if you are a business that is lacking space, then commercial self storage really can be a winning solution for so many reasons.

Operating a business is tough, no matter how successful it is, but when it comes to expansion and getting more room, this is one hurdle that is often too high for many. Whether it’s down to the cost of expansion or the locational difficulties, businesses knowing they need more space to grow can often be left in a horrible situation where they simply cannot make the next step.

Reasons Why Self Storage Works For Business:


Most self storage facilities offer a very flexible approach when it comes to short, medium and long term storage, as you simply rent the unit per month and then give a months’ notice should you want to close the agreement down. And, if you need more or less space they will generally allow you to downsize or upsize, meaning that your storage unit can grow to reflect your business.


When it comes to security, many of the best storage facilities invest thousands in alarms, CCTV, boundary fencing and lighting, meaning that your stored items are often far safer in a self storage unit than they would be at your place of work. Security is such a key aspect, including fire and flood protection as well.


Hiring a self storage unit is far more cost effective than building a new warehouse or expanding your office, there is no doubt about that. And, you can grow as and where your business needs to grow, rather than having to spend thousands relocating your business just to find a place big enough to accommodate your needs.

Featured image by Self Storage (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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