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Everyone knows Christmas is expensive, but how much extra cost is caused by preventable energy use?

Energy bills are rising to £250.92 per household in 2017 when fixed deals come to an end. Despite this revellers are still celebrating Christmas with high energy usage:
  • Leaving your Christmas lights up until New Year’s Day may have added as much as £20 to your January electricity bill
  • Cooking a turkey on Christmas Day uses 1.5x more energy than normal, bringing the electricity bill up to c.£50 when combined with leaving your Christmas lights on.
For winter energy saving tips to help reduce these costs and your January bill, take a look at GoCompare’s tips:
Brits spend a further £280 million powering Christmas lights AFTER Christmas
  • UK households spend up to £20 POST Christmas powering Christmas lights
  • Christmas tree lights cost £3.75 million a day to leave on
Families who left their festive lights up until New Year’s Day may have added as much as £20 to their January electricity bill, Energy has found. This comes after news of energy hikes of up to £250.92* per household in 2017, as 33 fixed energy deals come to an end.
The company researched how much energy the nation uses to power Christmas, revealing that festive lights alone cost the nation £3.75million a day. However, this is clearly far from many people’s thoughts; Instagram analytics web app shows that over 100,000 Instagrammers have still been showing off with their festive lights on post-Christmas.
The research also found that those who enjoyed a turkey Christmas dinner on the 25th will have used 1.5x more energy, ensuring it is cooked, than they would normally use in an entire day, bringing the average household’s bill up by £50 for fuelling Christmas festivities.
Households are more likely to use more energy through winter than usual due to leaving the heating and the lights on for longer. Preventing damp can also add an extra cost, as people either open windows letting heat escape, or turn on a dehumidifier to remove water from the air.
There are simple and cost effective ways to reduce your energy bill during the colder months by increasing the energy efficiency of your homes, including:
  • Re-sealing window panes
  • Replacing worn out door weatherstrips
  • Purchasing a water tank blanket
  • Purchasing low flow shower heads
For more winter energy saving tips, check out the blog

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