Friday, June 14, 2024

New survey reveals that over two-thirds of drivers eat while driving

Nowadays, a cup of tea and a slice of toast have become a morning luxury with many of us choosing to grab a quick snack and a hot drink during the commute to work.

According to a study by, 73% of UK drivers eat food and enjoy soft drinks or hot beverages while driving.

The research shows that almost a half have spilled a drink or dropped bits of food while driving – this can be major distraction!

Over a half admit they were not fully focused while in charge of their car because of such instances, seriously affecting the safety of themselves and other commuters.

Shockingly, 12% lost control of their car while doing so.

In more detail, of those who lost control, 8% admitted to having an accident, followed by 17% who almost had an accident.

Ironically, 55% of those questioned say eating or drinking soft and hot drinks when driving is dangerous. But despite this, the majority of people still continue to do so.

Mark Rigby, Managing Director at Insurance Revolution says: “Our research highlights that the biggest distractions might not solely be a mobile phone, but eating is also ranked highly.

“The figures from our survey revealed that 11% of UK adults still say they are distracted by their mobile phone when driving. But while mobile phones are still a major driver interruption, the 73% who lose concentration when eating or consuming food is certainly a cause for concern.

“If you do need to have a quick bite while driving, be careful to avoid any potential accidents or hazards, caused by you or others on the road.”


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