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Why Getting Your Blinds Professionally Installed Is Important

When it comes to your home, you want something modern, stylish, easy to maintain and effective, and when it comes to your windows, curtains are no longer your only choice.

Curtains can be awkward, bulky, difficult to maintain and clean as well as generally outdated. They gather dust and grime, aren’t as effective at blocking out light and never look as sharp or stylish as blinds. That being said, there are plenty of blinds out there that look terrible, and it goes to show, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to installation.

We spoke to Plymouth based blind installation company Sol Komfort about the importance of getting your blinds installed correctly and professionally.

Incorrectly installed blinds risk breaking sooner, as well as looking terrible due to sloppy angles and non-flush finishes, the potentially flawed installation will put essential parts of the blind at risk from breaking, and you won’t get the full time of use out of them. Even if you’ve spend hundreds on the blinds themselves, it won’t matter if you don’t install them properly, because you risk them breaking, not looking right, and not functioning as they should. Hiring a professional to do the installation is just common sense, and can save you a lot of time, hassle and money.

One of the biggest risks of DIY installed blinds is that it simply won’t function right. Blinds have to be smooth and slick operating, otherwise they tend to look clunky and cheap. They need to rotate to let in light smoothly and easily, and open and close smoothly and easily. If they’ve been installed less than perfectly, and have had to be trimmed to size to fit the window, then you’re running the risk of having poorly functioning blinds, which can end up really ruining the sleek and stylish look.

Blinds that aren’t installed completely correctly also run the risk of sitting wrongly. This can be far more disastrous than it sounds. The whole beautiful, minimalist appeal of blinds comes from the their sharp, straight lines, and if those lines are slightly off, at weird angles due to a poorly measured and planned installation, the whole window can look off, often with you unable to exactly put your finger on what looks so wrong.

Blinds can be expensive, but they can also last a very long time, if installed, looked after and used correctly. One decent set of blinds can do you for up to a decade, but if those blinds were poorly installed, you can expect them to break much sooner than they would’ve otherwise. You can find them pulling off their fixing, destroying their gear, or all manner of other issues, all because incorrect installation puts lots of stress on the wrong parts.

Blinds are designed to withstand regular use, but also be very lightweight. This can mean that when misused, they’re very easy to damage. Poorly installed blinds can be dangerous, especially if you’ve got young kids around who like to tug on the blinds cords and clamber onto the window sills.

A professional will be able to unpack, set-up, modify if needs be and install the blinds to your windows. Blinds are not theoretically difficult to install, as you’ll quickly learn going online and looking at tutorials, however, if you’ve ever tried to do any DIY straight from an online tutorial you’ll have quickly learnt, much like I did, that nothing is ever so simple in real life. If you’re investing in quality blinds, that’re going to be a beautiful feature in your beautiful home for, for the next five years at least, then you need to think about employing a professional to install them.

A professional can have your blinds installed within hours, saving you the weekend you’d have spent trying to figure out how to modify the blinds and set them up, all while terrified of damaging your expensive new blinds set! It’s easier, quicker, and really not that expensive to simply get a professional in, and get the job done.

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