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Why UK casino players are opting to stay at home

Does this mean UK players aren’t playing casino games any longer? Wrong! They still love their casino games, but they have discovered the option of online casinos and reserve going to the brick and mortar casinos for special occasions.

Are online casinos better than land-based casinos?

In recent years the UK online casino market has exploded, and there is hardly any doubt that online casinos have opened the casino world to a far larger crowd of people than land-based casinos ever could.

The opportunity to play casino games from your favourite armchair is the main reason why online casinos have had such tremendous success in the last few years. Whether it’s using the sportsbook at Ladbrokes, playing bingo at BGO, or spinning away on slot machines at Cherry Casino, UK online casino players are amongst keenest in Europe. With the tremendous growth of online casinos, we are asking whether online casinos are better than the traditional land-based casinos?

Larger games selection

Online casinos have arguably a far greater selection of games than the land-based casinos. This applies to all types of casino games. Land-based casinos have maybe 20-30 different types of slot machines to play whereas online casinos usually have an average of 200-300 different slots in their respective libraries. Game developers have the opportunity to develop far more sophisticated slots than those developed that are for the land-based casinos.

Since online casinos also have a live casino with real dealers available it further erases the distinction between online casinos and traditional casinos. Land-based casinos need both space and staff, this outlay limits the scope and size of casinos.

Larger gains and jackpots

Online casinos have the advantage that any person from any corner of the world can visit an online casino with just a few clicks and this makes it possible to offer players gains and jackpots that are much larger than any land-based casino.

Also, as online casinos generate greater traffic, progressive jackpots rise quicker and are also won more frequently.

Greater flexibility

Online casinos are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from anywhere in the world (almost). A person can sit in his living room in Yorkshire Dales and play at the same casino and the same slot machine as a person sat in Kensington. The flexibility of online casinos has revolutionized the casino market and allowed far more people than previously before to discover the thrills of playing at a casino.

Play on the go

Now, you are no longer dependent on a computer to play online casino. You can sit on the beach, in the mountains, in the car or wherever one has access to wifi or a mobile network and play to your heart’s content.

Check out the games for free before you pay

Online casinos also provide its players the opportunity to test out the various casino games with play-money before using their own. This is unheard of in the land-based casinos. The advantage is that the player can acquaint themselves with the various games and are better prepared when they start playing with real money.

Welcome Campaigns and other promotions

Online casinos attract new players by offering attractive welcome campaigns that often involve deposit bonuses and free spins. This is a concept that is absent in land-based casinos. The reason that online casinos do this is that competition is great amongst the thousands of different casinos on the market and because online casinos hope that players who get good promotions continue to play at that particular casino. You come to a land-based casino and ask about getting free money to play with, they will most likely just laugh at you.

Whether online casinos are better than land-based casinos will ultimately be up to the individual to judge, but now you know some of the reasons UK players have embraced the online casino concept.

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