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2017’s Most Fashionable Bedroom Designs

Whilst other areas of the home such as the kitchen and living room can be used to show off to guests, it’s in the bedroom where we can enjoy being much more creative in indulging our own personal tastes.

This private space gives us all the chance to try out some great new interiors trends, whilst ensuring that it provides an adequate sleeping environment with plenty of bed storage space too!

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2017 looks to be another year where our bedrooms will keep things stripped back with plenty of cool minimalist furniture and contemporary urban touches. This means that we’ll be seeing plenty of exposed brickwork, raw materials like stripped-back wooden furniture, and those omnipresent filament lightbulbs that have been popping up everywhere from the big design shows to our coffee shops.

But to make sure that our brutalist bedrooms don’t feel too sterile, we’ll also be seeing the gradual introduction of many soft furnishings that use fun and friendly ethnic patterns. Whilst the geometric print trends were big news in 2016, this year we can expect to see plenty more adventurous designs that use asymmetrical patterns to provide an eye-catching new look for 2017.

If there’s one thing that the fashionable modernist hates, it’s having to deal with too much clutter. This is why keeping everything stripped back to the bare minimum is a must in 2017. So whether it means going to Bedstar to get an Ottoman bed with a large space underneath to store items, or even just whitewashing the bedroom walls, it’s all about getting rid of the chintz!

For those who aren’t into the idea of clean white walls, there are plenty of other more vibrant colour schemes to try. On-trend colours to experiment with in 2017 include confident hues like dusky blues, vibrant reds and even lime greens that would all do a great job as an accent wall to add a touch of colour without overpowering the whole bedroom.

And whilst we’re all increasingly technology obsessed in 2017, it seems that the bedroom could be our last haven away from those omnipresent screens. So be sure to make your modern bedroom as tranquil as possible by using plenty of natural light and candles, and don’t be afraid of implementing some floral touches to welcome spring into your on-trend bedroom in 2017!


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