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Common payroll problems and solutions

Payroll errors can be very expensive for the company, not just in terms of money but also reputation. Some payroll problems are very common and it is good to have a prior knowledge so they can be avoided. So we are here to help you out in understanding some of the most common issues your in-house payroll department will face when processing payrolls.

  • Late and Incorrect processing

Payroll processing should be done accurately and on time to avoid dissatisfaction amongst the employees since it may lead to poor productivity. One of the most common mistakes with payroll is incorrect processing where the final salary that the person receives can either be higher or lower than what it is supposed to be. Such errors create a lot of hassles since it requires rework and is very time consuming. Also, it is necessary to be on time with payroll processing. You shouldn’t have to come up with excuses for the delay in salary, no employee will like it.

  • Inexperienced Staff

In case you have an in-house payroll processing department, it is essential that you provide the right training so your staff has the necessary expertise to handle the complexities of the payroll processing. It is in your best interest to provide them the required training so any possible mistakes and chances of delay are reduced.

  •  Not keeping up with regulations

There are certain payroll regulations that may keep on changing with time. It is important to stay updated about the same and do the payroll processing accordingly. Failure to do so may cause errors which causes unnecessary inconvenience for both the in-house payroll and the employees.

  • Inefficient backup systems

If backup systems are not adequate, loss of data may occur. Such losses may be very expensive for the company and may even cause problems for the payroll department. It is also essential to keep in mind that there should always be more than one person involved in payroll processing. If the entire task resides with one person, there is a greater chance of delay and inaccuracies.

Avoiding the common errors

Building the right payroll processing team

The size of the payroll team should be sufficient to meet the processing of the payroll of your workforce. Also, it is important to give necessary training to the in-house payroll staff to avoid problems in future. Know the fundamentals of payroll so you can establish a good payroll processing system.


In case you do not want to deal with the hassle of training your staff for payroll processing and staying up to date with the regulations, it is best to look out for payroll outsourcing companies who have an experienced team dedicated solely to handling the payroll processing just like a China payroll outsourcing company.


We have listed the common issues that occur in the payroll processing and we hope that you will keep them in mind. For smaller companies, it may be expensive to have an experienced team doing the in-house payroll job. Hence we would recommend them to consider the option of outsourcing it. Even for big companies that continuously face problems in managing the payroll within the company, outsourcing may be a very good option.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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