Sunday, May 26, 2024

Everything Sounds Better On Vinyl – The World’s Most Expensive Records

Are you a Beatles aficionado or a Sex Pistols maniac? Do you have old Bowie vinyls and Classical recordings tucked away? If you do, you’re probably not inclined to part with your collection – but you might change your mind when you see the prices they go for.

A new infographic from MrGamez shows the most expensive record prices on the market today.

The top five include: The Sex Pistols, The Beatles and Paul McCartney.

1. God Save The Queen – The Sex Pistols – £8,600.00

2. Please Please Me – The Beatles – £6,766.67

3. Introducing… The Beatles – £6,157.13

4. Bach / Mozart : Violin Concertos – Gioconda De Vito / Rafael Kubelik – £4,999.00

5. Ram – Paul McCartney – £4,104.75.

There are a further 20 records listed on the infographic below.

If you have a stash of records up in the loft, then why not pay it a visit. It may just pay for your next holiday or a conservatory on your house.

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