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The Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor for Your Business

If your business is growing and you need bigger premises for extra staff, storage or production facilities, what are your options? Find new commercial premises and swallow the high cost of moving lock, stock and barrel?


A great alternative, assuming your current business premises allow it, could be the construction of a mezzanine floor to give you the extra space you need. It could be the perfect space making solution for your business.


What is a mezzanine floor?


A mezzanine floor, or mezzanine level, is a second, or partial floor that adds extra space to an existing building. Mezzanine floors are extensively used in warehouses, office buildings, manufacturing plants, and retail and production offices.


As companies grow, they need more space, either for additional staff or for additional stock. The business may not be able to move to larger, more expensive premises, or they just can’t find the right size building they require in a location that makes strategic sense.


Companies renting a building from a property owner are not normally allowed to build extensions, but they could get the owner’s permission to put in a mezzanine floor, since these floors can be removed at the end of the lease period and relocated.


What are the benefits of a mezzanine floor?


The benefits of having a mezzanine floor are significant. They help create additional space without being a permanent fixture and they don’t cost a lot to build. They’re fixed to a main support wall with high quality steel and timber frames, and give the impression of floating above the ground. The way they’re constructed lets them hold up the weight of a whole floor on their own.


Many people think that mezzanine floors are only used to create storage space but they can also be used as additional office space. These floating floors are very strong and can support the weight of more than just storage boxes.


The main advantage is that this type of flooring will help create a whole lot of extra office space and the extra room you need for storage at affordable rates. With a range of experienced groundwork companies, it’s possible to create a whole new floor in your building that has ample height for staff to work in and/or for stock items to be stored in. In fact, groundwork companies  a mezzanine floor can actually double the size of the existing space.


In addition, they’re far more economical – saving you from having to pay the hefty costs of moving to another building, relocating staff and paying a higher rent in your new building.


Mezzanine flooring is so versatile that it can be used for virtually any type of extra space that you need. The best part is that in an office environment, where space is limited, you can easily unclutter an area by adding a mezzanine floor and using it for storage. It also leads to a far better work organisation and higher productivity plus a much more efficient work space.


We all know that employees perform better in uncluttered environments rather than those that are cramped and full of ‘stuff’. Oh, and if productivity is increased by the addition of a mezzanine floor, so too is your revenue and your profits!


Here’s a final summary of the benefits of putting in a mezzanine floor:


  • quick and simple construction
  • easily constructed in an existing building
  • provide additional work and storage space
  • a highly cost effective solution
  • add value to the building and are therefore an asset
  • can be removed easily and relocated elsewhere

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