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Top six ways to save money this year

Somehow, we’re three months into 2017…and no, we don’t know how that’s happened either. Summer is fast approaching and then before we know it, it will be Christmas again.

You’ve more than likely got a whole host of things to save money for and it can be difficult to know where to start but there a tonne of clever ways to cut down on your spending so you can watch your savings roll in.


TransferGo is a very useful website for people and businesses who need to transfer money overseas.

It will allow you to save up to 90% on international money transfers with no hidden fees or conditions. Whilst banks typically hold an average transfer fee of £10.00 with an exchange rate up of 5%, Transfer Go offers a fixed transfer fee of just 0.99p and an exchange rate mark up between 0.4-1.9%.

This is a perfect solution for anyone who owns a business that trades abroad, travels a lot or has loved ones living overseas and are often met with nasty bank charges.

Packed Lunches

It’s surprising how much you can save by reducing spend on your lunch. If you are eating out then opt for something from the saver menu, say no to a start and desert and try to resist going large.

You can also take food from home to work, a few sandwiches, a piece of fruit and some crisps will throw you right back to your childhood packed lunch but it will also save money in the long run.

Car Share

If you drive to work and a colleague lives nearby, you could car share for alternating weeks. This will save you and your colleague a small fortune on fuel and you have to fill your tank up as half as much.

Plus, it’s beneficial for the environment, two birds with one stone!

Nights in

Instead of having a night out, have a night in. Nights out can end up being very expensive, especially if you end up drinking more than you expect. Instead, invite everyone round to yours and tell them to bring their own drinks.

You won’t have to pay for everything, plus it’s in the comfort of your own home – no expensive taxi rides back!

Shop around for discounts

When looking for new clothes, look at online retailers and browse their outlet sections. Giants such as ASOS have a huge outlet section with thousands of clothes discounted heavily.

You can pick up some pretty nice threads and even some designer brands will appear every now and then.

Money Box app

The Moneybox saving app is a simple yet brilliant invention, all you need to do is securely connect a spending card to your smartphone.

It works by rounding your everyday purchases to the nearest the pound, whether it’s your morning commute, the sandwich you bought for lunch or that coffee you bought to get you through the day.

Once your change totals up to £1, you are able to invest into over 6,000 global companies within a Stocks and Shares ISA including Netflix, Unilever and Disney.

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