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A to Z of money saving


From cash saving apps and jumble sales to stockpiling and wombling, it can be tough to keep up with the various ways of saving money.


Thankfully the penny-pinching experts at have compiled their very own A to Z guide of money saving that will help the public save themselves a hefty amount of cash.


Some of the tips recommended for thrifty savers include networking with other money savers, keeping hold of old receipts and shopping for ‘end of the line’ products.


Darren Williams, of, said: “We wanted to create the our own A to Z money saving guide to show the public just how many different ways there are to save some extra cash.


“There are so many inspired ways to save money nowadays that it’s difficult to keep track of them, but we believe this guide will help consumers keep track of the best frugal spending tactics.


“Not everyone will be able to regularly use all of these suggestions, but if you can follow a few of them you’ll soon start to notice the pennies adding up.


“We believe that this A to Z list is the complete savers guide; from apps to zealous saving there’s plenty of simple ways to save money.


Here is A to Z guide to money saving:


A – Apps

Cashback apps for your phone are a great way to save money on your food shop. Simply wait until you finished shopping, then check your app to see which items are eligible for cash back.


B – Buy on resale sites

Resale sites like Ebay and Gumtree are great easy ways to save money by purchasing second hand products. Search hard enough and you’re bound to run into your fair share of quality discount stock.


C – Coupons

Coupons are still just as important as ever for saving money on your shopping, so keeping a stash of them can be a useful way to save on your spending.


D – Discount retailers

There are plenty of good value discount retailers across the UK. Don’t be put off using them by your inner snob, as if you shop around them you can get some great buys at a fraction of the cost you’d pay on the high street.


E – End of line

Products reaching the end of their production line are sold cheap to get them off the shelves quickly. Always keep an eye out for these bargains at supermarkets.


F – Foraging

Foraging for your own fruit and veg is a great way to save money, not to mention being a fun activity to do with kids. As summer approaches try finding your local strawberry picking spot.


G – Grow your own

Reap what you sow this summer by planting your own fruits and vegetables in your back garden, as this will cost a fraction of the price of buying them in supermarkets.


H – Haul

Money saving bloggers will often showcase their latest hauls of top bargains and yellow stickered purchases through online videos. Following these bloggers and their channels is a great way to see which stores are offering the best deals.


I – In store incentives

If a store is offering you £10 off simply by handing over your email address, then do it. Also make use of new customer offers when you can, loyalty points, and interest free offers.


J – Jumble sales

Don’t ever feel embarrassed by having a root around at a local jumble sale. Providing you have the time to really dig through them, there is always a great bargain to be had.


K – Keep receipts

We almost always throw shopping receipts away before we’ve even got home. Keep hold of these receipts, as many of them will have some kind of money off deal on them that we often fail to spot.


L – Letters

As crazy as it sounds, writing letters to your favourite manufacturers can be an excellent way to receive free coupons and discounts off your most loved products.


M – Meal Plans

Planning your meals well in advance so that you know exactly what you need to buy before doing your food shop. This saves you wasting money on food you might end up throwing out, as well as impulse purchases.


N – Network

Establish your own money saving network amongst friends, that way when one person finds a great a deal they can alert the rest of you.


O – Own brand

Own branded products will always be cheaper than purchasing branded items. Shop around for yourself, and you’ll soon be able to tell which own brand products are just as good as your favourite branded purchases.


P – Planning ahead

If you know that a period of heavy spending is approaching try to make sure that you are prepared early for it. For example, buy your Christmas presents all year round, as you are less likely to find a bargain close to the festive season.


Q – Quit the gym

Ditching your gym membership in order to exercise at home and outdoors can be a huge money saver across the year.


R – Research before you buy

Always make sure you shop around and look for the best bargain possible. It may take up some time, but doing your research will certainly save you a lot of cash.


S – Stockpile

Collecting non-perishable items when they are going cheap is a great way to save money in the long run. It may cost you a little more at the time, but it will be far more expensive buying full price items at a later date.


T – Thrift stores

It’s no secret that charity shops can be a bargain hunter’s paradise. A handy tip is always to ask the staff if any new stock has recently come in, as this will get you a leg up on the best deals ahead of other customers.


U – Upcycling

This is a great way to build yourself something new and useful out of something you would otherwise have thrown away. Be as creative as possible when upcycling, and you could end up making something truly unique.


V – Voucher codes

Always check voucher code websites to find the best possible deals, as these are an excellent source of money off codes and discounts.


W – Wombling

Wombling involves hunting round for old discarded receipts, as these can often contain coupons or store discounts. It may sound bizarre, but you can find some real bargains through doing it.


X – XL sized clothes for kids

Buy your children’s clothes a size bigger than they currently wear. This will allow time for them to grow into their clothes and save you having to throw away money of outfits they will quickly grow out of.


Y – Yellow Stickers

Yellow stickered items in supermarkets can often save you a hefty amount of cash if you do your food shop at the right time. Try to work out when the best yellow stickered items go on sale at your store.


Z – Zealous

Always be zealous when on the lookout for a bargain, and you’ll be bound to find the best deals that save you heaps of cash.



Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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