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The Best Books about Personal Finance to Read in 2017

Life can be hard and sometimes you may find yourself in a difficult financial situation where the extra money is needed urgently. You may need money to get out of debt, invest into a new business, or fund an important purchase.

No matter what your current financial goals are, there is always someone out there ready to help. Applying to Personal Money Service is probably the fastest and easiest way of getting the money you need. The approval process takes only a few minutes, and you will be offered to most suitable lenders to cover all your expenses and keep your finance under control.

Also, in order to encourage you to have more control over your finance and achieve the wealth, we are happy to present you some of the most popular books on personal finance. In this article, we are going to tell you about top personal finance books that have powerful and different approaches on how to faster accumulate personal wealth.


The Richest Man in Babylon

This book written by George S. Clason has already inspired investors since the beginning of the 20th century. It’s one of the best books about acquiring wealth. Like many other similar books on the same topic, this masterpiece highlights saving over spending. On the other hand, The Richest Man in Babylon also encourages giving money to charity. It’s equally as significant unless you allow others to become dependent on your gifts.


Your Money or Your Life

Many people believe that the richer you are the better life conditions you have. This may be true, but the author of this book Vicki Robin thinks differently. She gives examples of people whose income brings in less than they spend out on childcare and pay for “time-saving” meals at McDonald’s. As a result, according to this book living more frugally and spending less can actually increase your quality of life.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

In this book, Robert Kiyosaki describes two main characters – an eighth-grade dropout and a college professor. They are featured as people with the completely opposite attitude towards money and finance. While the boy manages to spend less money than he earns, the professor can barely make ends meet. Kiyosaki claims that a stable job with a regular salary can only get you started in life. But if you want to achieve wealth, you need to learn how to invest your time and money wisely. The best way to do so is to buy a property or invest in a business. More than that, you can write a best-selling book like Kiyosaki yourself.


The Science of Getting Rich

This isn’t the book about science. It’s a really old book written in 1910 that gives the intellectual framework for so many seminars about personal wealth-building. Wallace Wattle, the author of this book, states that your ability to become wealthy depends on the way you think about it. For instance, if somebody believes money is the root of the evil, they will most likely never become rich.


The Millionaire Fast Lane

MJ DeMarco wrote a book in which he presents an unusual and non-traditional approach to personal finance. According to him, working hard the whole like and saving 10 percent of your income won’t help you when you retire at sixty-five. He believes it’s a foolish game because modern financial markets are too unsteady. Moreover, you may not stay alive by the time you’ve saved enough money for retirement. His unusual approach consists in using the unsteadiness of modern financial markets to your advantage in order to become rich quickly and enjoy your wealth now.


Total Money Makeover

This is a best-selling personal finance book written by a famous Dave Ramsey. You’ve probably heard about him or even listened to his radio shows. If yes, then you know that his approach is all about common sense. He suggests people should pay cash for all possible purchases, avoid buying things on credit. He urges people to get out of debt as soon as possible and accumulate an emergency fund for any unforeseen situations. You won’t see any funny anecdotes or any mumbo-jumbo in his book. Ramsey is a serious author who offers solid and essential advice on personal finance that will definitely be useful for every person.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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