Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Future Is FinTech

This infographic takes you through all of the stats and statistics you need to know about FinTech, this includes stats such as how many FinTech companies worldwide are achieving prominence, in 2015, UK FinTech has generated over £6.6 billion in revenue, there are over 1300 companies around the world and still growing.


This very helpful will educate you just how much FinTech has grown through the world, this infographic will show you how much FinTech has grown for countries such as the United States, China and India. United States have gained £4.5 billion, then china with £2 billion and India with £1.65 billion.


The numbers behind the investments are quite incredible. There has been a 120% increase in revenue in Europe alone, a 51% increase of deals worldwide and a massive 201% increase of investments over just one year. This infographic has been brought to you from FCA compliance experts FinTech compliance. Please see the infographic for even more interesting stats on FinTech and its growth over the last few years.

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