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First steps before you start investing in binary options

If you want to start in the world of binary options, you must know that we are talking about a world more complex than it may seem to be in which every detail counts.

In order to help you take your first steps, we have prepared this comprehensive guide with some tips that we hope will help you to take the first steps in the world of binary options.

Everything you should know about binary options – 

Choosing a good broker

The correct selection of a broker will predesignate whether we are successful in this market or we have to face complicated platforms, exorbitant interests, etc.

You need to look for a broker that is regulated, that offers you a percentage of return of investment that is between 65-70% (there are even some people that give up to 15% if the investment has not been successful). You can choose from a wide variety of assets and do not forget to avoid to ruin commissions.

In Spain there is a very good portal of binary options very reputed. We are talking about Here we can find complete comparatives of brokers to choose the most successful. In addition, we can also find some very practical tips.


A basic factor that we have to consider when investing in binary options is the volatility of the markets. You must think that a certain asset can change trends almost from moment to moment, so you must learn to give nothing for sure.

Minimum capital

We recommend that you always start with minimal capital, so you can learn how to managed the risk. If we do not have experience, the risks we are going to take are not only going to be greater, but they are going to be absurd too.

Using “demo accounts” or simulator

These accounts are intended for both beginners and those who want to see how such a strategy works. They help us to experiment without having to pay with real money; The great advantage of this resource is that we will not lose money, but we will not win either.


Information is the key to the success in the investment world, as well as whether we are talking about binary options, such as the stock market or any other sector. By this we mean that you investigate as much as possible and that you learn little by little, the rush was never good.

There are many physical books that can serve you, although there is also very valuable online information collected in eBooks. Even the most experienced investor should be recycled continuously.

Control your emotions 

Making a correct investment requires discipline and method. The hunches can end well or very badly, so do not let yourself be carried away by them. The success that we reap will depend on how well we develop in the world of negotiations, whether or not we are calm before acting and how we concentrate.

Learn from mistakes

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, simply learn from them to avoid re-committing them for the future.

With these keys, you can already start to move in the investments of the binary options, as we anticipated previously, with caution.

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