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Hair styling Professionals are in hot demand! They are the number #1 requested professionals in Leeds, according to StarOfService

Study shows that Hair styling professionals and Personal Trainers are the most sought after professionals in Leeds.

The analysis of their 2017 first quarterly statistics unveiled recently by StarOfService, a study that also took into account data collected from past quarters, shows that Leeds is registering a staggering growth in the market’s demand for a particular group of service professionals within Hair Styling and Personal Training industries.

The study also reveals that Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists and Personal Trainers professionals have had an impressive average 10% growth in market requests, week over week, since April.

If you think about it, it is not an unfamiliar scenario to take a walk down the park and finding someone exercising or running there, isn’t it? One of the hottest trends in fitness these days is training with your personal trainer outdoors. And when the weather is good, chances are that even more people will be focusing on getting their healthy dose of fresh air and exercise.

In fact, research has shown that moderate exposure to sunlight increases your mood and boosts your Vitamin D intake. The data gathered from StarOfService’s community users, for 2017, and previous years, goes to corroborate this reality, being Personal Trainers the number #3 most requested professionals in Leeds these days.

The number one requested Professionals in the city, Hair Stylists, are also in for a busy season, being the next months traditionally the most sought after for wedding ceremonies.

«This year’s trend goes along with what we observed in previous years. There are certain service categories that benefit greatly from seasonality, and that have an exponential and consistent growth during specific months of the year. What we see happening in Leeds can also be observed in other main cities in the UK, like London, Glasgow or Sheffield.

This is the season of hot summer weather, the season of outdoor parties, vacations, and weddings. Everyone is paying more attention to looking great, being fit and enjoying themselves. So it makes total sense that Hair Stylists and Personal Trainers professionals have their hands full with clients these days», says Monica Zamfir, StarOfService’s International Director.

This is the top 10 services’ ranking for the highest requested Professionals in Leeds – and its surrounding area – according to StarOfService:

  1. Hair styling.
  2. Artistic makeup
  3. Personal Training.
  4. Dermatology
  5. Dog training.
  6. Dog walking.
  7. Pet grooming.
  8. Plumbing.
  9. Window cleaning.
  10. Driving lessons.

Even though seasonality has a determining role in this scenario, StarOfService’s study and quarterly statistics results are undoubtedly useful for all professionals offering services through the platform. StarOfService receives over 200,000 requests from clients per month, which are forwarded to the 20,000 professionals registered on the StarOfService community.

For local business owners, the data collected and released by StarOfService is a valuable insight to their local market and economic trends and consumer behaviour and can be further used for marketing and business development. For professionals, it can be a useful hand based on market data, to better understand their positioning, growth in demand for their sector of activity and better planning on future professional growth.

StarOfService (, launched in Paris in 2013, is presently the European leading platform for the online services market, being present in 80 countries worldwide. From hairdressers to fitness instructors to wedding photographers and DJs, StarOfService has around 900 different services available. The platform allows clients to save time and money by quickly finding the nearest best professionals they are searching for, while the registered professionals at the community become easily reachable with an online business profile presenting their services and expertise.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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