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Some Surprising Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About E-Cigarettes

It was not later than a decade ago when vaping industry started flourishing and increased number of people was using e-cigarettes. As the trend went to become popular, researchers and medical experts picked this as a research topic. So far more than hundred reports are available, such as this CBD vape 1000mg. The most surprising factor is all of these are in favor of e-cigarettes and vaping. Some studies clearly demonstrated vaping is safer than traditional smoking while others stressed that it’s vaping that helps the regular smokers quit smoking. We all know, many people confuse the side and positive effects of vaping. Today, here we will look at some of the facts about e-cigarettes that are mistaken and what the truth is behind those.

Vaping Helps Quit Smoking

As we have stated, there are a large number of international health studies that agree vaping comes in handy for the smokers to quit. In a global study on use and impacts of e-cigarettes, 72% participants reported that vaping helped them quit smoking, 92% users experienced reduction in their daily smoking, and 96% reported that e-cigarettes helped them stop smoking while only 10% participants in the study were of the view that they felt a desire to smoke more tobacco after using e-cigarettes.

As our industry continues to grow, even mainstream publications are being forced to concede that there is some evidence that electronic cigarettes might be effective in helping smokers to quit. We have known this for some time. Another study invited 2000 smokers and those who were switching to vaping. Majority of the attendants claimed they felt they are heading towards quitting smoking after they started using vapes. It’s misunderstood that e-cigarettes and vaping are causing health risks but the fact is these are a great help to let the smokers quit it completely.

Vapor is Less Harmful than Cigarette Smoke

Whenever a traditional smoker will like to switch to vaping, on asking they revealed they are doing so because they found vaping less harmful, safer and less expensive as compared to normal smoking. “Absence of combustion and different chemical composition, leading to less toxic chemicals created and absorbed . . . electronic cigarettes may be a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes”, a Greek Study revealed in 2012. Another research paper of the same year found some exciting benefits of vaping over cigarette smoke. They quoted e-cigarettes as a best tool to help smokers quit smoking for the good. Undeniably, there dozens of studies that all have confirmed vapor is a less harmful option than the smoke of traditional cigarettes.

E-Liquid Ingredients are not a Mystery

There is an increasing confusion among the users and haters of vaping as well that some hidden and mysterious kind of ingredients are used for preparation of e-liquids. After reading a manager who is responsible for manufacturing of e-liquids had to reveal there is no mystery in it at all. They use ingredients that are not harmful and one of them is vegetable glycerin. It’s not harmful but produces a large amount of vapor. The manager also confessed the e-cigarette users’ nicotine intake is far less than those who use traditional cigarettes.

In a nutshell, we have looked into some of the most common facts about vaping that have been mistaken. All the evidence and arguments stated here are derived from renowned studies. The role of the manager who works to take care of e-liquids during their preparation is important as he provided great amount of information and his viewed helped us put this write-up in front of the readers. I would conclude, the use of e-cigarettes is very safe, vaping is less harmful and above all less expensive, too.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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