Saturday, May 28, 2022

    ICOBox Presents a Radical new Flat-Fee ICO Service Package

    ICOBox, a pioneer in SaaS ICO solutions founded in 2017, has just announced its state-of-the-art Flat-Fee ICO Service Package. The new product significantly reduces the ICO preparation time (under two months, from start to finish), saves a great deal of money, and opens up the ICO market to a much wider audience.

    The product will come in handy to projects looking to sell their products and services via tokens. As part of its new package, ICOBox offers technical, legal, and marketing services. Full details on ICOBox will soon be published at

    In a nutshell, the Flat-Fee ICO Package is an SaaS construction toolkit for conducting ICOs. Regardless of the prospective ICO’s size, ICOBox’s price tag of 25-50 BTC, depending on the modules chosen, is very compelling. ICOBox might also be interested in buying up to 250-500 BTC worth of its customers’ tokens at a discount, which will also not hurt the sales.

    “As ICOs explode in popularity, access to ICO technology and expert legal and marketing help is increasingly hard to find,” says Nick Evdokimov, ICOBox co-founder.

    Although ICOBox will definitely be useful to blockchain companies interested in conducting their ICOs, its flat-fee services may also be attractive to a much wider circle of projects interested in finding novel marketing channels for their products and services. Until now, ICOs with their traditional turn-key approach may have been too expensive and lengthy for them to embark on. But with ICOBox’s expertise and support – and very modest fees! – this process is firmly within their reach.

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