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The fascination of Spanish luxury and glamour

Spain is such a fascinating country. From the north to the south and from the east to west, beautiful landscapes, breathtaking skylines, excellent food and friendly people are waiting for us to get ready to discover, explore and enjoy one the most amazing countries in the whole world. Click here for villas in Spain.

It is not uncommon to find a huge amount of foreigners in the villages of the east and south coasts and also in the islands, always in search of warm weather, sports, adventures and of course, the best golf courses, the magnificent spa treatments, the wines and the luxury seafood and, why not, the art gems and the impressive architectures that only Spain and its particular culture can offer.

Perhaps the best way to fully enjoy luxury holidays is to rent a villa, like the ones you can find at atzaroibizavillas. Nothing compares to the joy of relaxing in a house by the pool, tasting a cava and relaxed in a huge residence with magnificent views, surrounded by all the comfort you can get. Naturally, this is just the perfect excuse to prepare an itinerary of discovering the country, no matter which season or which part of the territory you are in.  

The best, warmest weather is waiting for us mainly during the Spanish spring and autumn, and during the summer, some places of the northern coast and the Pyrenees zone are truly magnificent. Of course, the south and especially places like Puerto Banus, can be enjoyed all year round, but remember that the weather there is so kind that a winter visit can turn out to be wonderful as well.  

If you love sports though, the best mountain regions in Spain are blessed during April, and especially for walkers and cyclists, May is a perfect month to travel, also if you are planning a golfing holiday. Spain has over 250 courses and is the fastest growing sport in the territory. You can find excellent courses spread all over the territory, but if you are witty enough to avoid the summer season that has the hottest temperatures, the south is perfect for this particular sport.

But the perfect cocktail combination springs out when you combine the pleasure of playing golf with other sports (such as swimming, tennis, wind surfing, scuba or horse riding) and to all that, just add a great wine and a superb gastronomy; that is why one of the must see places is, no doubt, the island of Ibiza, a true paradise in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands, best known for its bubbling, lively nightlife signed by the original atmosphere of its major nightclubs. Exotic beaches full of music and sports, bars and shops, but also quieter sandy coves and a magnificent nature are the highpoints of this truly beautiful land.

You can always rely on the  luxury villa rentals in ibiza by Atzaro to find the perfect place to stay and get ready to begin the holiday of your dreams in a place that has, literally, everything to offer. This Island is a tourist destination for many rich and famous, from actors, actresses and designers to businessmen and even aristocracy.

As said, this exclusive tourist destination is one of a kind, with all the services that you can imagine to enjoy a full 5 stars, hedonistic lifestyle. Excellent restaurants, vibrant nights out, shopping days and astonishing sightseeing that make you wonder why not stay there permanently, or at least, have a second residence with a stunning view of the sea, naturally.

Other than sailing and sipping cava just to unwind from a late night, you can enjoy all sorts of watersports and discover a whole world of activities to keep yourself entertained and why not just spending a relaxing time in the afternoon by the beach, with fresh fruit, delicious tapas and cocktails. Try Playa d’en Bossa with its white sand, just at the south of Ibiza town.

Always worthwhile also a visit to the capital city Ibiza (Eivissa), a lovely place to spend an afternoon and visit the ancient fortress Dalt Vila, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Surrounding Dalt Vila, you find colossal protective walls, the ramparts, a fortification constructed to safeguard the inhabitants from the pirates’ attack. You can walk along the entire perimeter of this impressive Renaissance construction.

But if you really are in the mood of exploration, the island has plenty to offer. Don’t forget to rent a car as even though the island is relatively small, it is always best to have independence and freedom, at least just to get to the top of the cliffs and enjoy the spectacular, jaw-dropping views.

Ibiza also has a strong and vibrant fashion scene, and don’t forget to pay a visit to the Punta Arabi market that combines tradition and history with trendy waves.

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