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How Does Technological Innovation in Ceramic Safety Knives Help You Save Money in Your Company?

You would be surprised about how technological innovation is able to do make big changes in your company. Even the simplest object, like box cutters, can make a radically change due to the invention of the ceramic safety knives.

In fact, this is possible. Thanks to the help of technological investment, we have created safe ceramic knives that can guarantee you the reduction of accidents caused by cuts in the installations of your company.

Although it may not seem so, this can be a very common problem in many companies when receiving well packaged parcels.

The Box Cutters that Slice Offers

Slice is a young and very promising company that has been able to create a loyal audience thanks to its first quality products. And mostly, to its technological innovation in a subject that seems very simple: the blades used to cut cardboard. This innovation has been focused on offering a better security in working stations.

On its official website you are able to discover a wide range of products, all developed under the same philosophy of occupational safety.

If you enter their website, you will notice that one of their products has a curved handle. This is made for keeping your hand protected at all times and also to be hung on a safe place while it’s not in use. Despite all these, the real star of this company is ceramics which is a very fine material that only a few of us know all the properties it offers.

The Properties of Ceramics

Ceramics, the main component of these ceramic safety knives, is a very strong material that throughout the centuries has been used in countless things and has took advantage of its many applications. In addition, it has been used to give life to delicate works of art when it has been used properly. This material contains an even less known property. That it is actually a very sharp material, and it does not lose the sharpness as fast as other more common materials.

While it is true that Slice is one of the few companies that has opted to innovate by introducing this material into their products. This is not the first time that ceramics is being used for similar purposes. People in Japan use it to create extremely sharp knives, specially made for the most demanding chefs of Japanese cuisine.

So, if we think about it. It doesn’t sound so far-fetched that Slice has opted for ceramics to offer incredibly amazing safe and effective box cutters.

Technological innovation

These ceramic safety knives are works of art of technological innovation. If you hold them in your hands, you will be amazed at the level of detail and commitment that manufacturers have spent making them. Certainly, Slice and its entire range of box cutters are products of a great investment in innovation and technology. No wonder they have become so successful so far.

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