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How thinking outside the box can bring in big bucks

Every now and again some idea that might seem crazy at first ends up being an instant hit with consumers. Thinking outside the box and seeking seemingly impossible solutions to improve our lives have paid off for many creators around the world.

Also, companies dedicated to innovation baffle us with products we never thought possible. Quirkiness sells. Finding a niche market, rather than catering to the masses, can make these less greedy entrepreneurs wealthy.

Take women for women taxi services. The trend started with Pink Ladies in London in 2006, and the concept went global. In Malaysia, the female only taxi service even got government funding. In no other city, for obvious reasons, has this service had more success than in New York.

Waitrose created the “Bag for Life” scheme, they were the first retailer to introduce this concept 10 years ago. Now the term “bag for life” has become generic and made room for more trendy alternatives.

British Accessory Designer of the year, Anya Hindmarch, wildly fashionable “I am Not a Plastic Bag” is just a simple, rope-handled, sturdy cotton shopping bag – albeit one that’s rather beautifully designed.  It got trendy young women who wouldn’t be seen alive with a “Bag for Life” doing their bit for waste reduction.

Quirky Apps that made their creators filthy rich

People love apps. We all know somebody who has an app for practically everything. Some are very useful and some save you time and worry. Then there are apps most of us mercilessly mock, yet they too have an audience.

Take Game for Cats as an example.This iPad app got press attention from the New York Times, L.A. Times, WIRED.co.uk, Gizmodo, ABC News and more. Cat owners with bored pets can download the app and buy the “mouse level”. Their feline companions get to chase rodents on the screen with their paw. An instant hit among cat lovers worldwide.

Another remarkable “problem solving” app which has made the inventors rich is the “Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now!” app. What this does is help you find a way to hang up when you are dying to get off the phone with somebody by inventing fake excuses for you. Not an app you want your wife to catch you using.

Crazy online casino concepts

There is a bespoke casino for you, whatever your inclinations, hobbies or preferences are. The variety of online casinos will baffle anyone who cares to check out the myriad of choices out there, from amusing to mind-boggling.

If you like to smoke a joint from time to time – there is a casino for you.

If you like cats and kittens, you will be well looked after. If you practice Voodoo – combine this with soul slots for fun. Desperate Housewives fan? You can relive it all. There are “manly men” casinos, gay and lesbian casinos, sexy casinos and so on.

You will find less exotic casinos focussed on the mobile player or the high-roller. You name it, there is a casino for you. On online casino sites like these, any player can enjoy an equally varied amount of eclectic themed slots and relax while playing.

Ocean plastic waste innovations

Sportswear made out of ocean waste? Sounds impossible. Well, good old Adidas, the German athletic gear company, started a business sustainability partnership with Parleys.

Making shoes out of ocean waste is possible today, but only with the help of forward-thinking and innovative global industries. The ocean waste shoe has taken off and is said to be as good as any other trainer.

Another product made from plastic debris is Method’s Ocean Plastic 2-in-1 Dish & Hand Soap. Innovators view this project both as a means of working to fix a major environmental problem and raising ocean pollution awareness. Method’s soap has a biodegradable formula and is great for washing both dishes and hands.

If you are still reading you are probably buzzing with other and better examples. Maybe you have an idea of your own which fills a need and has a niche audience? Thinking outside the box is not just fun – it can turn a “crazy” idea into big bucks.

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