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How to Get the Best Loan and Safeguard Your Financial Profile

Loans are a popular way of dealing with financial needs and they can be cheaper if you choose wisely. When you want to get a good loan, the approach must be different from the one you’d use when seeking a job. With employment, you send out as many applications as possible just to raise your chances of getting accepted. But with loans, you should be precise to what suits your needs.

If you want to ensure your credit score is safe, it’s important that you take your time to compare the available options prior to submitting an application.

Consider your credit score

If your financial profile is perfect, it’s likely that you’ll get a personal loan with the best terms. When you have high credit scores, lenders always view you as a reliable customer presenting low risk.

But if your credit scores are damaged, you get loans with high-interest rates since lenders think you are a risky client. Sometimes, it’s best to delay your loan application if your credit scores are low and focus on repairing your financial profile.

But you can still get a good loan even when your credit scores are not spectacular. Of course, you won’t be getting the best interest rates but at least you will have something to help you deal with financial difficulties. If you settle for poor credit loans, ensure your cash flow is sufficient to pay off the debt as soon as possible.

Secured vs. unsecured loans

Unsecured loans normally don’t require you to provide collateral for backup. With these loans, you’ll probably be paying more in interest since the lender has taken a greater risk. On the other hand, secured loans require that you give some assets that match the value of the loan and you end up paying lower interests.

While secured loans offer low-interest rates, it’s important that you consider the assets you have given up. Basically, you should be ready to forfeit the property freely should the unexpected happen and you default the loan. However, you should always do your best to honor the terms of the loan agreement.

Before you submit a loan application, you should first determine which option between the secured and unsecured loan. If your needs are short term, then the unsecured loan could be good for you but be ready to deal with the interest rates and scrutiny from lenders.

For the long-term, consider secured loans since these not only come with lower interests but also a more flexible repayment period.

Does the repayment period match your financial situation?

In most cases, the repayment period has an impact on the average cost of borrowing. While lower monthly payments seem attractive, they can translate to extended repayment period. In turn, a longer repayment period implies you’ll pay higher interests.

Before settling on a loan, determine the ideal loan term and ensure it makes financial sense in the long term. If you are financially constrained and your cash flow is limited, it could be appropriate to settle on an extended repayment period with lower monthly amounts. However, it’s to your best interest if you can decide the highest amount you can comfortably pay. This will not only lower your interest rates but it will also help you clear the loan early.

Find a legitimate lender who’s mindful of clients

Before you make any commitment, it’s good to do a background check on the lender and figure out if they are legit. As a rule of thumb, find a lender who has been in the lending industry for a significant time and ensure they have good reviews from previous customers. Today, it’s possible to get reviews about most lenders on the intent.

While selecting a good loan is important, it is even more important to deal with a legitimate lender. Otherwise, fishy lenders won’t be able to keep their end of the deal even with a perfect loan. If you are not sure about the lender you are about to get into agreement with, ask your friends or relatives for their input.

The rise of online loans has come as a gift for many borrowers but it has also presented some serious security issues. As long as there is money changing hands in a business, there will always be some con artists trying to defraud innocent customers. There have been several reports of people who have fallen victim of online criminals who pose as lenders only to steal from their victims.

Before you submit your sensitive information, make sure you are dealing with someone who can be trusted. A good lender will be authorized to operate in the state and they won’t have a problem displaying their license.

Safeguarding your financial profile

When you are borrowing, most lenders will look at your credit utilization to determine whether you are a risky client or not. As such, it should among your priorities to ensure you don’t exceed your credit limit. But sometimes, you may not get the total amount you require from a single loan and getting more than one loan can be great.

Before getting any loan, it’s imperative that you review your financial situation and determine if you can handle the payments. One of the easiest ways of damaging your credit scores is defaulting on your loans. But when you have scrutinized your fiancés, you know exactly how much you can afford to borrow. Basically, you should factor in other financial commitments to make sure there won’t be any unnecessary strain on your finances.

Once you know how much money you have each month, you can decide the ideal loan term for the loan. The idea is to ensure you are prepared to make the loan repayments and clear the loan on time.

Bottom line

Irrespective of your current financial situation, being adequately prepared and conducting background checks is one of the best ways of getting real value from a loan. By understanding your needs, you can look at several loans and determine if they are in line with what you are looking for.

Since there are multiple lenders available, take your time to shop until you get the one that is going to help you achieve your goals. Most importantly, be keen on the interest rates, repayment periods as well as your ability to comfortably handle the repayments.

Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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