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The Latest Trends in Online Betting Industry in UK

The golden age of online betting is not going to fade away into the background soon as more trends of it are coming to the United Kingdom.

Any sort of gambling in the United Kingdom has been illegal until in 1963 when the Betting, Gaming, and Lotteries Act has been brought to legislation. It was in the year 1994 that online betting has been allowed to legal operation following the passing of the Free Trade & Processing Act.

The enactment of this law made it possible for harmless online casinos to make its way in the waging industry. From then on, online betting became one of the leisure activities which people from around the world engage to including the British people.

In a survey conducted by the Gambling Commission with over 4, 000 UK adult residents as respondents, it is revealed that virtual gaming contraptions using a bookmaker rank third in the list of most popular gambling form. Aside from online gaming machines, below is a list of the latest trends in the online betting at UK.

1. E-Sports Betting

Betting has been around in the sports arena for quite some time. Sports enthusiasts delight themselves in picking a side to bet on while earning them some cash when they are fortunate enough to choose the winning team. Today, e-Sports betting is a more convenient way to place a wager on individual sports.

Many betting aficionados nowadays are not only affixing their money on the traditional athletic events like football, basketball, boxing, hockey, and martial arts. Many unusual events like horse racing, cockfighting, and dog fighting are rising to popularity. In the United Kingdom, bettors are placing their bets through the top online UK bookmakers.

These bookmakers who can be found online are operated in such a way that they track the bets, make follow-ups on debts and monitor payouts. At present, e-Sports football betting makes up for the biggest part of gross gaming profits which amounts to a revenue of £316 million annually. Horse racing events come next while tennis events cover third of the largest part. The statistics alone prove that electronic sports betting is taking over in the world of sports wager and the British people are going crazy over which side they pick on.

2. Mobile Casino Betting

Since December of 2013, hundreds of mobile casinos are being run by the largest casino operators. Mobile casino betting gives bettors the opportunity to play games of skill and chance by making use of devices such as a cellular phone, smartphone, or even a tablet provided that it has an Internet connection with it. Today is the golden age of gaming technology, so we won’t be seeing this trend die out soon.

Now that people make it impossible to live their lives without a mobile phone in sight, it is just the right strategy for software developers to consider building products for our casino buffs. The experience of playing online poker using a mobile phone has improved largely over the years. Online casinos have also developed various selections of games where bettors can choose from whether they are at the comforts of their own homes, parks, or sports pubs.

Mobile applications tend to vary in certain features. Some may not be focused on sports but rather have their targets on slots-based platform games. Some are better played on Android-based devices while others perform better on iOS. To have a better grasp of which platform suits your mobile casino betting necessities, it is essential to read reviews before anything else.  It is also important to choose a secure mobile casino by knowing if it is regulated and licensed.

Apart from convenience, mobile casino betting offers better deals and more bonuses. This is one of the many reasons why bettors are not slowing down when it comes to aiming for mobile jackpots.

3. Bitcoins

2017 is the year of the controversial Bitcoins. Although they have been in the online betting world for quite some time, this year is the time this virtual currency’s visibility is more rampant than ever. As it guarantees independence from financial institutions prone to tampering, Bitcoins has more improved tax breaks. This is also known in the name of the crypto currency. It is a type of digital money which is developed through rigorous mathematical equations. Their value is self-sufficient which means that people who possess them do not need banks to process transactions in transfers or withdrawals.

Like gold possession, its value increases in years, and you can either use them to buy services and goods online or keep them to boost its worth. Due to resistant to forgery and fraud, online bettors have used crypto currency to protect their payouts and prizes.

The betting culture in the UK is a part of many British people’s lives. Whether they do it for leisure or as a way to earn money, increasing online betting trends are proofs that they are individuals who are willing to take huge but calculated risks in general.

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