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Uniform considerations for a new small business

When you’re thinking about starting a new business, there are a lot of great reasons why a well thought out uniform can be a useful addition. That’s why high-quality uniform suppliers such as Simon Jersey can provide you with the right choices for whatever your business needs. With that in mind, here is some useful information on what you should consider for you new business’s uniform.

What will your business need?

The needs that you’ll have to meet with your new business’s uniform will vary. You’ll want to think about the kind of industry you’ll be going into and the kind of work that you’ll do day to day as a result.

For example, you likely won’t need a uniform to keeps you safe and protected if you’re working in an office. It might be a business such as a spa, in which case you’ll want to be thinking about keeping clean and hygienic throughout busy and stressful days by using a high-quality tunic that hides away zippers and fastenings.

If you are going into something a little more active that has safety requirements – for example, a gardening business – you should consider how to protect yourself and your staff with personal protective equipment.

Think about things like masks and protective goggles to keep out fumes and dust, heavy-duty gloves to protect hands, and tough reflective jackets. The protective uniform equipment you need will vary based on the kind of business you’ll be operating.

What sort of image would you like to present

The image you have as a business, both internally and to clients and customers, will play a part in the kind of people you’ll attract as potential employees and new customers.

Think about the ‘character’ of your business. Do you want to show exemplary, high-class professionalism at every step, or would you prefer a more casual look that shows a friendly and approachable feel?

For the former, consider a suit and tie combination alongside matching trousers, while for the latter, something like a colourful polo shirt that’s embroidered with your company logo would be a great choice.

Creating a brand

Uniforms are more than just something to wear at work; they’re a way to further emphasise your brand and create a corporate personality.

Think about what colours can help emphasise your brand to everyone who comes into contact with you. A matching colour scheme for a staff uniform can help create a sense of unity within your team, which can help potential customers feel more invested in you as a business.

Think about what colours you use in your branding, promotional images, and business communications, and create a colour scheme that matches or complements it. Doing so will surely be beneficial to your business in the long term.

When you’re starting a new business, there’s a lot of thought and preparation that’ll go into the early stages. Careful consideration at this point can help lead your business to great success in the future, and a well-designed uniform is just one part of that success.

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