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How to Set Up an IBC Company in Seychelles

Located approximately 930 miles east of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has grown into one of the world’s most popular offshore business locations.

Seychelles offers a variety of factors that make it appealing for businesses. The country has a stable, efficient government, and a convenient company incorporation process. Taxes are low and many other countries have treaties with Seychelles to prevent double taxation.

For most people, the most effective option for opening a business in Seychelles is to open an IBC, or International Business Company.

A Seychelles-incorporated IBC can conduct business internationally with ease, with relatively few reporting regulations. An IBC in Seychelles is also not subject to tax on its profits, making Seychelles an ideal option for businesspeople interested in tax minimisation.

Seychelles also offers a good selection of banking options, making it a reliable and convenient location for businesses of all types and sizes. Since an IBC can be 100% foreign owned, there is also no reason to stress about entering into a joint venture with a local company.

UK-based businesspeople can also benefit from a familiar, reliable legal system that’s based on English Common Law. This makes Seychelles a preferable option compared to other offshore business centres, many of which don’t offer a great degree of legal reliability.

Finally, an IBC in Seychelles offers a high degree of privacy. The only information that’s made publicly available about an IBC is its Articles of Association and Memorandum, neither of which contain any information about the company’s shareholders.

The process of opening an IBC company in Seychelles is fairly straightforward. Because there is no minimum paid-up capital restriction for IBCs, it’s also an inexpensive process that’s ideal for smaller businesses.

To begin with, it’s important to check that your IBC will operate within the specific laws for IBCs in Seychelles. An IBC cannot acquire real estate assets, offer gambling services and must not conduct business activities within Seychelles.

A Seychelles IBC must also open its main bank accounts in Seychelles and carry out all of its bookkeeping within Seychelles.

There are also numerous other regulations that need to be considered. The best way to learn more about the suitability of Seychelles for your business is to contact a Seychelles company registration agency and arrange a private consultation.

From here, there is a registration and incorporation process. Companies in Seychelles are set up and regulated through the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. Seychelles has a very fast incorporation process, meaning your application will be read and processed efficiently.

Finally, there is the process of opening a bank account for your Seychelles IBC. This is usually carried out through a company registration service agency, which will usually have several local banking options for you to choose from.

As with all offshore business areas, the most efficient, effective and safe way to open an IBC is to do so through an experienced company formation services provider. These local companies specialise in completing the IBC registration process quickly, efficiently and without issues.

Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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