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The best way to save money while travelling by train

Are you looking for cheap train tickets? is your solution!

Even though we all know that anytime is a good time to travel and visit new places, this time of the year is particularly special in this regard, especially if we take into account that Christmas are just around the corner and that there are more and more people looking for train tickets for these dates in order to get the best offers. In fact, this should not surprise us, since the price of the tickets can hugely vary depending on the websites and on the dates when we want to be them, as well as depending on the type of ticket we are looking for (for instance, it is more expensive to buy AVE tickets due to the characteristics of the train than to buy regular, standard train tickets).

For these reason, if you are thinking about buying train tickets for the next holidays and, above all, if you want to save money with your purchase, the best option you can think of is, a website where you will be able to find the best prices for train tickets, regardless the destiny, the type of train or even the date when you are travelling. In fact, this website is a specialized search engine that will compare the different rates and options that are available throughout Internet, showing us the best alternatives so that we can buy the cheapest train tickets thanks to their own computer algorithm.

An algorithm and a searching method that explains the growth of within the market in the last years, as we can see from its numbers. In that regard, since the year 2014 (the first year this online platform was available for the general public), sold 613,925 € in train tickets, an amount that grew up to more than 3.2 million € the next year, in 2015, which means an increase of 427% with regards to the total income of the first year. An increase that has been the tendency in all these years, with more than 11.7 million € of train tickets sold in 2016 (once again, an increase of 366% compared to 2015) and with the expectation to reach 20 million € in this 2017, a figure that undoubtedly would consolidate this website in the market and that would be a direct consequence of the confidence that more and more travellers have in this project.

Apart from all that, another important aspect of this website that should also be empathised is the simplicity in its use and the excellent customer service, a simplicity that can be also regarded in its app, with which we would be able to buy our train tickets at any given moment and at any given place whenever we have a connection to the Internet. An app that is already available both for Android and iOS devices, thanks to which we would be able to buy, manage and print (if desired, since we will also be able to use an electronic ticket) our tickets. As we can see, we will just have to choose our final destination and the dates when we want to travel to start enjoying all the offers with which we will save money in our train tickets.

How can I buy a ticket at

Even though we have already mentioned that this website is very simple and easy to use, there are some aspects that we have to take into account before buying a train ticket in In that sense, if we want to buy a train ticket, we will just have to select the type of train in which we want to travel (either a regular, RENFE train, an AVE train or an international train), choose the date and the time for our travel as well as the departure and arrival stations and indicate whether it is a single trip or a return trip (in which case we will also have to select the date, the time and the stations for the return journey). Once we have selected and indicated all these things, we will just have to click “search” and wait for the different options that will appear matching our preferences.

At that point, and once we have selected the train that best suits us and our budget, we will have to register in the website by creating a personal account through which we will be able to manage our trip as well as our future trips. It is important to include all our personal data that will afterwards appear in the ticket.

Finally, once our account is created, we will proceed to checkout and pay our tickets! As simple as that!


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