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The Most Outrageous Football Scores of All Time

Compared to other sports, football isn’t exactly known for its outrageous scores. Most games end with fairly close scoring, with even the best teams rarely besting their opponents by more than a few points.

However, like every sport, football has its fair share of blowouts. From embarrassingly gigantic World Cup victories to Premier League matches, there are plenty of incredible scores in the history of football.If you want to check the data of the football games you are currently watching, this is possible with the help of sport data sites online you can see the real time data for soccer matches. And this is a way to cool on your end to be updated on the event happening on the sport matches.

Below, we’ve listed five of the most outrageous scores of all time, as well as some background information for each game to help you put each score in context.

Australia 31 – 0 American Samoa

One of the most infamous football scores of all time occurred during a 2001 FIFA World Cup qualification game. Australia — at the time, not a country that was known for its football team’s ability — scored an incredible 31 goals against American Samoa.

The game started out relatively normally, with American Samoa’s goalkeeper saving a goal attempt in the first few minutes of the game. However, Australia attacked aggressively for the first half of the game, scoring seven goals in the first 21 minutes of the game.

The final score for Australia vs. American Samoa? An incredible 31-0 to Australia, making this one of the most ridiculous televised matches in football history.

Arbroath 36 – 0 Bon Accord

In 1885, Scottish football team Arbroath earned one of the highest scores in football history, winning a match against Bon Accord by 36 goals. The match was the biggest defeat in the history of Scottish football, earning Bon Accord an unwanted place in the history books.

Arbroath were so dominant during the game that the team had scored an incredible 15 goals before half time. Spectators were reportedly so amused by the game that they scored it like a cricket match, jotting down each goal with enthusiasm as they rolled in.

Dundee Harp 35 – 0 Aberdeen Rovers

Another Scottish football match, as well as another game from 1885. In fact, this outstanding game of football between Dundee Harp and the Aberdeen Rovers actually took place on the exact same day as the Arbroath vs. Bon Accord match listed above.

During the game, Dundee Harp reportedly scored 37 goals, making their victory the biggest in the history of Scottish football. However, the team secretary for Harp failed to count two goals, meaning the Arbroath vs. Bon Accord match was the one to end up in the history books.

Germany 7 – 1 Brazil

Germany’s thrashing of Brazil during the 2014 world cup might not be the highest score in the history of competitive football, but it was definitely one of the most incredible World Cup defeats  in recent history.

Before the game, both Germany and Brazil were undefeated during the World Cup, with Brazil proudly hosting the tournament. However, Germany’s incredible 7-1 victory shook the Brazilian team and put Germany in the record books as the top scoring team in World Cup history.

AS Adema 149 – 0 SO l’Emyrne

Finally, the most outrageous football score of all time occurred during a 2002 match between Madagascar-based teams AS Adema and SO l’Emyrne.

Prior to the game, SO l’Emyrne were disqualified from winning the championship after a late, disputed penalty during their previous game with DSA Antananarivo. In protest, SO l’Emyrne scored a record 149 own goals, turning the playoff match into a ridiculous farce.

After the match, SO l’Emyrne’s coach was suspended for three years, with several players suspended until the end of the season. Interestingly, the referee faced no punishment for allowing the bizarre game to continue for 90 minutes.

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